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Silos in Tech

What is siloing? In order to better discuss how engineers and teams become siloed, as well as the positive and negative effects it can have on a team,


Devopsing a Legacy World

Devops has been picking up steam since around the year 2009. ( It could be argued it was around in other forms longer but for argument's sake let's...


How To Be a Rebel at Work

I saw the What Rebels Want illustration make its way across Twitter recently, and it immediately resonated with me.


To PMP or Not to PMP?

I'm often asked for career path advice by up-and-coming professionals in the project management space.

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What is Culture?

At our company we are known for having a great culture. You can feel it when you walk in: people are at ease, they obviously enjoy what they do and...

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Discovery is Like Onboarding

I recently started working at Metal Toad. Metal Toad has one of the best onboarding processes I have ever experienced — thorough documentation, there...

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From Senior Engineer to Mature Engineer

When I was fresh out of college with a Computer Science degree, I had a culture-fueled fantasy of what it was to grow into a senior software engineer.


The Marriage Retrospective

In popular culture and societal norms there is little space within romantic relationships to air your grievances about your partner.


My daily use of the Five Levels of Leadership

Over a year ago, I read John Maxwell’s “The Five Levels of Leadership”.  Since then, I’ve grown increasingly reliant on it’s simple model.

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Open Source HR, because we need this.

Uber, Google, Yahoo,'s hard to find a tech giant that hasn't been in the news for an employee relations crisis. HR has always been a...


DevOpsDays PDX

Last week, I attended my first DevOpsDays PDX!

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Introducing Our L.A. Office

We are thrilled to formally announce the opening of a new Metal Toad office in Los Angeles!

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Why Culture is So Crucial at Metal Toad

Since the start of my finance and accounting internship at Metal Toad, the first thing that I noticed is its unique and influential culture.


The Importance of Tchotchkes

One of the most interesting things about agency culture is the freedom for employees to show their personality.


The Vulnerable Leader

I am scared. I am scared to write this and I am intimidated because my writing will be out in public to be read, critiqued and, in my mind, judged.


Love What You Do and Who You Do It For

Hi. My name is Dan and I am a pessimist and a Senior Software Engineer, hoping to be promoted to a Junior Software Engineer one day.


Four Pillars of Leadership

Over the years I’ve been asked on many occasions, what is leadership?

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The Power of a Gift

When the Client Services department was formed earlier this year, one of our key objectives was to create client magic.

Career Advice

How to become a programmer

Five years ago I wrote an article on how to get a job as a web developer, but the market has changed and it's now 2017. Code schools are now...

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