About Metal Toad

Our journey as an AWS Consulting Partner diving deep on data, AI & Machine Learning spans 20+ years, marked by an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence for our clients. 

Since our inception in 2003, we've grown into an Advanced Tier  AWS Services & Software Partner, with consulting, development, app support, and managed services offerings.

Though we now focus on small & medium-sized business, we have helped to develop award-winning consumer-facing applications for industry leaders like Sony, Daimler, DC Comics, & the GRAMMYs. With staff in both North America and Brazil, we support a diverse group of customers across multiple time zones.


To help people

Our mission may seem odd for a technology company, but it makes perfect sense to the people who work here.

Leveraging both North American and English-first Brazilian talent, our recruiting methodology selects for the top 0.1% of culturally aligned candidates. We live by a set of core values that make every client interaction into a truly rewarding partnership.



We value other people's experiences and act by listening first. Because respect is not just fundamental to business, but to living in the world.


Our curiosity propels our never-ending adventure: to be brave, to try new things, and to seek out the world's best.


Everyone who comes in contact with us discovers something helpful, whether a customer, a peer — or just a stranger in need.

Create great experiences

We deliver great experiences from start to finish. This is always a central goal of every project and interaction.

Provide Value

We deliver the best, and never over-engineer or spend money on things that aren't valuable.


We live by a different code

The Toads unite around the core values that drive our organization. These core values — help, respect, curiosity, value, and experience — do not change from time to time, situation to situation, or person to person.


Meet our team

Adriana Ukei

Accounting and Finance Analyst 

Agnaldo Citadin

Software Engineer

Amanda McPherson

Advisory Board Member

Andre Lara

Software Engineer

André Pinto

Engineering Team Lead

Anne Gonçalves

Software Engineer

Bruno Nascimento

DevOps Engineer

Chris Chinedozie

QA Engineer

Daniel Alves

Software Engineer

David Dolan

Engineering Team Lead

Ewerton Costa

Software Engineer

Fabricio Ishida

Software Engineer

Fernanda Cupini

QA Engineer

Gabriel Cordeiro

QA Engineer

Gabriel Fruet

Project Manager

Gabriel Lima

Software Engineer

Gabriel Morais

Software Engineer

Guilherme Santos

Software Engineer

Ingrid Philigret

HR Manager

Italo Santos

Software Engineer

Jamie Weissenborn

Advisory Board Member

Joaquin Lippincott


Kevin Ishii

Software Engineer

Leia Organa


Leonardo Gonzalez

Product Owner

Manuella Costa

Jr. HR Coordinator

Marcelo Beiral

Project Manager

Marco Gutierrez

AWS Partner Alliance Manager

Marilia Bedoya

Director of Operations and HR

Mario Moura

System Administrator 

Mateus Teles

Software Engineer

Michael Ellis

Senior Cloud Engineer

Natalie Meirelles

AWS Partner Alliance Coordinator, Global

Nathalia Tavares

QA Engineer

Nathan Wilkerson

VP of Engineering 

Omer Texerman

Machine Learning Engineer Intern

Paola Fox

UX Designer

Simon Scudder

Engineering Team Lead 

Stacy Gordon

Director of AWS Alliances, Global

Talia Lippincott 

Marketing Intern

Taufik Ma

Advisory Board Member

Vinicius Fruet

Product Owner Jr.