10 Months as a Junior Developer

I am now within a couple days of having survived as a Junior Developer at Metal Toad for 10 whole months.


Git: Always Be Branching (ABB)

In this week's episode, we'll be revisiting the Git workflow in greater detail. I was originally going to discuss Capistrano too but quickly realized...

Artificial Intelligence

Pond Life Ep.2

Hello Everyone!

Artificial Intelligence

Simplify your WordPress Deployments

Deploying code to WordPress installations has always been a bit of a struggle. Although there are a few WordPress plugins that help in deployments,...


What is SASS?

You may know about some of the problems that CSS has as a language. There is a lot of repetition. There is a lot of repetition. You may have worked...


Capistrano authorization How-To

Cap has made our deployments simple, fast, and reliable. However, it can only access services you yourself have access to. Establishing this access...

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