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Future-Proof Your Business: Why Investing in your SaaS product Is essential for success..


More than 70% of applications used by companies are Software as a Service and that growth is only expected to continue. If your business wants to stay ahead of the competition, you need to take advantage of the many AWS cloud benefits: 

  • Enhanced Scalability 
  • Improved user experience 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Robust security 

Ultimately, technology investments empower your SaaS application to stay competitive and adaptable in a dynamic market landscape.


Metal Toad, A SaaS AWS Competency Partner, knows the value of cloud native technology and understands the Software as a Service journey...

From recently launching our first SaaS security product, Securitoad, to building SaaS applications on AWS building blocks for years, we have helped businesses of all sizes leverage the technologies on AWS to enable continuous optimization and innovation.

Let Metal Toad partner with you as you continue to grown your SaaS business.


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Claviate's greentech platform had required technical debt due to the enormous amount of information to organize and deliver, including video, sensor data, and maintenance logs. These challenges were affecting the platform's utility and value for its users. 


Through a comprehensive discovery, design and implementation process, Metal Toad was able to address the core issues faced by Claviate with a full UX redesign, a modernized frontend that could scale, and new video management functionality. 


The team was able to reduce technical debt, improve performance, and future-proof the portal by using modern front-end frameworks that will be easier to support by Claviate's internal team. This enabled Claviate to ensure optimal performance of their software for a great customer experience, now and into the future. 


Securitoad started as a way to keep DC Comics safe during Comicon against the changing threats to website. When end users tried view metrics about traffic and what was blocked the simple command line interface wasn't accessible or easy to understand. 


Metal Toad started building a dashboard for Securitoad but needed a way to easily display metrics that is easy for the end user to see and filter. 

Amazon Quicksight was selected for several of its advanced features like Row-Level Security, that allowed the data to be restricted to client accounts and Table Calculations for building rich graphs for users to view. 


With Amazon Quicksight Metal Toad was able to build out a fully featured dashboard faster than creating their own. All while ensuring that data was protected. 


Playing TTRPG goes beyond just playing time and games. There are play styles, safety tools, and play environments. Complicating things further, many games last more than one session and can span months or years. to ensure that RPGMatch was achieving their goal, they needed a solution to anonymize data and report back on demographic information and user behavior.


RPGMatch approached Metal Toad with the need to view player demographics to ensure that they were  achieving there mission of reaching the full TTRPG Community. 

Metal Toad setup a data pipeline that allowed them to annonymise user data and store it in Athena at a regular cadence. Once in Athena Metal Toad utilized Amazon Quicksight to graph user demographics, like location, Games Played,  and play preferences. 


With Amazon Quicksight reporting and notifications RPGMatch has been able to stay up to date on the type of users on the site and make business decisions to better serve the community.


Offshore wind turbines are truly awe-inspiring machines—and they require a similarly awe-inspiring amount of maintenance. As a leading supplier of wind power to customers all over the globe, Siemens Gamesa is responsible for warranties on a large number of turbines. Industry consolidation and new turbine blade technologies have made high performance and cost reduction crucial.


Metal Toad created a proof of concept that has the potential to revolutionize wind turbine maintenance operations. The heart of the solution is a new “smart platform” leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)


Siemens Gamesa’s goal is to increase the use of wind energy by reducing its cost—and now they have the tools they need to do just that. The smart platform and web portal system is a vital differentiator in a highly competitive market that has long been stymied by outdated manual data collection and operations tracking.


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