Ai meets cyber threat prevention.

Securitoad is realtime Ai-powered security for total protection. We are your unwavering shield in the ever-evolving battlefield of cyber threats.


Ever wish cyber security could be easy?
Securitoad harnesses the capabilities of generative Ai & Machine Learning to deliver complete cyber threat management, while keeping things simple. Not only does it detect and block malicious traffic before hackers gain access to your infrastructure but you can control the level of protection  effortlessly through our user-friendly interface. Stay ahead of the game with real-time alerts and flexible threat management choices. You can protect your organization's valuable assets and data with confidence because Securitoad is right there with you, watching your back.


Alert Response Time

Receive alerts in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days



We rate the risk, you choose what you want to let through.


Generative Ai Speed

Leverage machine learning to detect the latest threats.

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