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My last Session for re:Invent was on optimizing Lambda.

My last Session for re:Invent was on optimizing Lambda. It is a very fascinating topic with lots of little nobs that can be turned to incrementally improve performance. But this blog isn’t about that. 

For myself, knowing where to lookup information is more important than memorizing it. AWS does have Getting Started notes on the product pages but these are pretty simple. That’s why the most interesting thing from this talk for me was discovering This is a site maintained by AWS that contains best practice, design patterns, and tolls that can be used with all things Serverless. 

Some of the topics on the site include:

  • Event Driven Architecture Designs
  • Code Patterns
  • Instrumentation (Lambda Powertools)
  • Performance Optimization (Lambda Power Tuning) 

Now that I know about the site I have some more reading to do.


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