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Oregon Business Magazine 100 Best Companies to Work For

Metal Toad announced as one of the Best 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon!

We are excited to share that Oregon Business Magazine recently acknowledged Metal Toad, based on our application and employee survey, as one of the 2017 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon.
By Jenny Berkedal, Director of Employee Experience (HR + Recruiting)
January 12, 2017

Removing batch operations in Symfony Sonata model list forms

When building out a web project in Symfony that needed CMS capabilities, we quickly turned to the excellent Sonata Admin Bundle. At it’s core, it provided us with a way to quickly generate an admin interface for all of the entities that need to be created and updated by site administrators.
By Jon Duell, Senior Developer
December 20, 2016
Rocket launching into space

History of Computer Girls, Part 2: Margaret!

I've been going around town giving a talk on the history of women in computers.  During my research, I came across so very many women I’d never heard of before, but who had made indelible marks on the history of computing.  I decided to write a blog series about these amazing software pioneers who just happen to be women.  But I didn’t just want the blogs to be boring old history lessons. Instead, I wanted to give examples and do research on the actual code these pioneers made. 
By Morgan Senkal, Senior Developer
November 22, 2016
Meyer MMT Drupal 8 D8

Launching Meyer Memorial Trust in Drupal 8

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Meyer Memorial Trust site! Built in Drupal 8, the site demonstrates a true local collaboration between Meyer Memorial Trust, design partner Smith & Connors and Metal Toad.
By Tami Geiger, Project Manager
November 21, 2016

A Case for Agency Project Managers to Get Their PMP

Consider your credentials Depending on your industry, you may or may not be aware of the Project Management Institute (PMI) or their Project Management Professional (PMP) credential. Working in the software agency space, it wasn’t particularly on my radar either. ScrumMaster certification sure, but nothing quite so broad and traditional as a PMP. Like many project managers/producers in the tech industry, I just didn’t consider that the kinds of certifications PMs get in big companies had…
By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
November 18, 2016
Toad messages: Black Lives Matter, I Love My Toads, and Us over Me or We

We Are Toads

We are Toads We play Foosball and Towerfall We are Spies and Resistance We are parents and partners We are he and she and they We are bootcamp graduates and hold CS degrees We are drinkers of coffee and kombucha, LaCroix and IPAs
By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer / FunOps
November 15, 2016
Image of a woman developer working

Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS

I first came across BackstopJS when I started as a QA Engineer in March. My team had a Drupal 7 project that was suffering from pretty regular visual regressions when we deployed. The visual regressions on the project were consistent only in their frustration - sometimes a deploy to the dev environment would be fine, but staging and prod would have regressions; or dev would have regressions, but then staging wouldn’t. At the time, the site had about 60 individual pages and several integrations…
By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer / FunOps
November 3, 2016
big data infographic

Big Data for the Hopelessly Relational

I've been working with relational databases for a long time. In fact, my very first job as a software engineer waaaaay back when was converting a MS Access database from one very old version to another very old version (I think it was the shiny new Access 2000). I can rattle off the difference between an inner, right, left and full join, I can write stored procedures and functions and triggers and constraints, and on a good day I can even (maybe) remember the difference between first, second…
By Morgan Senkal, Senior Developer
October 26, 2016
Open Letter to My Future Hire

Open Letter to My Future Hire

Dear You--
By Victoria Blake, Director of Product Management
October 20, 2016
Women In Tech (WIT) Event at Metal Toad

Joining Women In Tech

It is with great pride that I have recently accepted a Board position with the non-profit organization Women In Tech (WIT), Portland.  WIT is an organization that focuses on creating woman-friendly networking and mentorship opportunities, recognizing that the endemic culture of technology leaves a lot to be desired.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder
October 10, 2016