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Mobile Traffic is Up

Mobile website traffic is up. While this is hardly news, as a small case study I'm posting findings from (you can see the exact numbers...

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What You Should Know About Facebook Places

Facebook Places Last August the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced a new Application called "Facebook Places" which aimed to accomplish...


Google Hotpot Rates Portland 5/5

Google, the king of the internet, and Portland, OR, also known as Beervana; at first the two may seem unrelated, but at closer inspection it seems as...

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Stop! You are doing mobile wrong!

For as long as mobile sites have been around the conventional wisdom has been: build your website first and then create a mobile site as an add-on;...

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How YouTube Could Still Win Big

YouTube is a cable network with nothing but public access on. There are literally billions of videos and with over two billion video views per day,...


How to increase traffic to your blog

If you've got some technical expertise and you're looking to increase your blog traffic stick to this winning formula: the "How to". A successful how...


First thoughts of Drupal

Like any good Gen-Y-er, knowing I would be starting a job at a web development company that specialized in Drupal technology, my first step was to...

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Big news for web fonts and video today

The codec wars around the HTML5 video element might be settled sooner than you think: Basically, Google just open-sourced VP8, a video codec. VP8 is...

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Top 12 Drupal Modules

I just got back from Webvisions here in Portland. There were a number of interesting presentations and conferences are always good to get...

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