Repositioning node comments

A strange quirk in Drupal 6 hard-codes comment rendering into the node module. This makes it quite difficult to reposition comments, for instance...

Artificial Intelligence re-launches on Drupal

If you have ever spent any time around software development, (especially here in Portland with our amazing open-source community) you'll know that...


SimpleTest 6.x gets e-mail capture!

The latest 6.x-2.9 release of SimpleTest includes a backport of the e-mail capture feature from D7. This means you can finally unit test e-mail...


The Power of Yes (within Frameworks)

Of all the powerful words in any language assertion is in my opinion the absolute most powerful. With affermative language we are able to create...

Artificial Intelligence

iPhone video streaming from Drupal's file system

It's well known the iPhone can play H.264 video. With tools like ffmpeg, hooking this up to Drupal ought to be simple, right? Here are a few snags I...


Bulk generating menu hierarchies

If you have ever needed to bulk generate menu items in Drupal (I used this for theming some drop-downs), here is a snippet to accomplish it. The...


Multiple dynamic tabs in Brightcove 3

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to work on an interesting problem that as far as I can tell hasn't been documented. The call came out that...


I like to be spoiled, but not too much

First of all, let me preface this post by saying: I love web standards, I love browsers that support web standards, I love most internet browsers...


Fun with stakeout.rb

Having only left Rubyville a couple weeks ago there are still a lot of Ruby-based utilities that I still find incredibly handy. One such utility that...


Drupal Views and custom search features

A recent project required the use of a view to create a custom search page. The view worked as expected, with exposed filters providing the multiple...

Artificial Intelligence

Drupal Deployment Checklist

Here is a short list of things I check before finishing a new deployment. Database logging row limit (admin/settings/logging/dblog)

Artificial Intelligence

Trouble with Drupal, MySQL and non UTF-8 formats

I just figured out a fix for an annoyingly circuitous, tortuous, and baffling MySQL problem. I am not yet an expert of back-end system configuration,...


Drupal 6 Theme Test-driver

Reading through the Weekly Drupal feed, I found a linked site that is pretty rad. Being primarily a developer, I am always interested in exploring...

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