Multiple dynamic tabs in Brightcove 3

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to work on an interesting problem that as far as I can tell hasn't been documented. The call came out that...


I like to be spoiled, but not too much

First of all, let me preface this post by saying: I love web standards, I love browsers that support web standards, I love most internet browsers...


Fun with stakeout.rb

Having only left Rubyville a couple weeks ago there are still a lot of Ruby-based utilities that I still find incredibly handy. One such utility that...


Drupal Views and custom search features

A recent project required the use of a view to create a custom search page. The view worked as expected, with exposed filters providing the multiple...

Artificial Intelligence

Drupal Deployment Checklist

Here is a short list of things I check before finishing a new deployment. Database logging row limit (admin/settings/logging/dblog)

Artificial Intelligence

Trouble with Drupal, MySQL and non UTF-8 formats

I just figured out a fix for an annoyingly circuitous, tortuous, and baffling MySQL problem. I am not yet an expert of back-end system configuration,...


Drupal 6 Theme Test-driver

Reading through the Weekly Drupal feed, I found a linked site that is pretty rad. Being primarily a developer, I am always interested in exploring...


Drupal 'Access Denied' on all pages

Ran into an interesting little snag this morning - a client's Drupal site was spitting out "Access Denied" errors for all page loads by anonymous...

Artificial Intelligence is deprecating their SSL 2.0 Protocol

I recently received email notification that will be deprecating their SSL 2.0 Protocal the week of March 16 - 20, 2009. All of our...

Social Media Club Portland Re-launches

Last night, nearly 90 people packed into The Agency for the official kickoff presentation with the Social Media Club - Portland.


DrupalCampPDX '09 is coming! Are you ready?

The new year is upon us, and with a fresh install of the calendar comes the opportunity to try and recreate the magic that was DrupalCamp 08.


How to Add a Field to the Drupal Contact form

Ever wish you could use the existing Drupal Contact module as your sitewide contact form and just add a field or two? You can and it's really easy.

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