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Integrating Faux Pas into your iOS Continuous Integration Workflow

Faux Pas is a OS X app that analyzes your source code for possible bugs and stylistic issues (among many, many other things). It also has a nifty command line tool that we wanted to integrate into our continuous integration process. Here's how we made it happen.
By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer

Drupal 7 Views Preview Shows Different Results

OK, so you are a site builder or a privileged role building a view. In the preview you see a certain result set, but regular and/or anonymous users see only subset of those results or no results at all.
By Slavko Pesic, Development Team Lead

Project Manager Hobbies: Managing Projects

This year marked my 7th consecutive trip to Park City, Utah to volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival. In past many years, I’ve been lucky enough to balance 10 days of volunteerism and my “real life” job(s) in tandem. My role at the festival this year included working as a venue staffer at ASCAP’s Music Cafe venue, as well as supporting the Manager of Film Music for the Sundance Institute, Jarom Rowland.
By Rhienna Renee Guedry, Project Manager
Kelly Cunningham

Toadcast 031

Sometimes a project launches late.... Back in November of 2014, I was joined by Developer Kelly Cunningham. We did a short interview on his most recent project, his start in Drupal, and tech he is excited about.  Check out the Podcast on iTunes !
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager
Jenny Ben Steve

Toadcast 030

Metal Toad is proud to announce two of our Junior Developers have graduated to the big leagues! Jenny Olsen and Ben Teegarden join me for too many drinks and a discussion about their journey through the junior program. Check out the Podcast on iTunes ! If there are any questions we missed, please comment below for an extended Q&A with Jenny and Ben.
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager
OB 2015 Best 100 Companies Logo

Metal Toad Among Oregon's Best Workplaces

It is with great humility that I serve as Metal Toad Spokesman in a very proud moment. Oregon Business Magazine has acknowledged Metal Toad as one of the 2015 Top Companies to Work for in Oregon.
By Tim Winner, Vice President of Business Operations

What I Did Over the Weekend

By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer

Continuous Delivery for Enterprise on iOS

In part two (part one) of a series on iOS automation, we'll discuss continuous deployment. Thankfully, due to wonderful tools like Hockey, it’s never been easier. In this post, we’ll go over installing the native Hockey app on your server, configuring its associated command line utility, and setting up a post-build trigger that will automatically upload your XcodeBots build and release it on Hockey.
By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer

Short-circuiting SpriteBuilder to use Cocos2d-swift Programmatically

The goal is to create a project with SpriteBuilder and then not use the nice GUI and ccb files that it provides. This may enable you to convert an already-made project or to use other tools for your GUI or just to do everything in code. To make a project you need to go into SpriteBuilder and pick File->New Project from the menu.  It give you a new project with a blue gradient background and a CCLabelTTF that says 'SpriteBuilder'.
By Robert Linnemann, Mobile Developer

Running a Persistant Node.js Server on an Arduino Yún

We recently had occasion to set up a Node.js web server on an Arduino Yún. It's a bit more complicated than we thought when we set out, so it seemed useful to share the process. To accomplish this, we need to update the system image, expand the device storage, install node, and launch our server. You'll need a couple things:
By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer