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Professional Skills from Raising a Newborn

This last month my wife and I had a new baby. Since this was my second child, I spent less time panicking and more time preparing for the bundle of joy. It was during this preparation that I realized how much the skills for dealing with a baby and the skills for work projects can overlap. How? Difficult clients, projects or systems that send off messages at the drop of a hat require extra attention. This is just like having a baby. The trick is learning the skills to help you progress past the hassle and get to the fun part of the work. The below skills are ones I use every day when dealing with my newborn and at work. Read More…


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Sound "Bytes" From The Digital PM Summit

The Digital PM Summit took place earlier this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two great days of listening to speakers and mingling with attendees later, I came away extremely pleased with the inaugural event and already look forward to next year. There were many great highlights, and not surprisingly given the project management background of Brett Harned and the summit team, things were extremely well planned and executed. Below are just a few of the highlights from conference sessions! On The Digital PM Role "I found my people!" Read More…

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My Takeaways on the Digital Project Management Summit in Philadelphia.

When I told people that I was going to the inaugural digital project management summit, I'm not sure they knew what that meant. Is it a bunch of Gantt Charts, Process Diagrams, and Risk Assessment spreadsheets? While those are important parts of project management, my takeaways from this conference related to the soft skills of project management. The primary focus of the conference was around communication and collaboration with the client and your project team. Through most of the talks, there were common themes: Read More…

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Fixing a segmentation fault in Drupal

"[notice] child pid 45617 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)": This is usually the start of a very bad day. Since a segfault is a low-level error in native machine code (in this case the PHP interpreter), many typical debugging techniques don't apply. Today I decided to try something new: Read More…

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The Emmys Chooses Drupal 7

For those who watched the Primetime Emmys last night the content management system (CMS) used to support the website probably didn't matter all that much. That's because the site just worked, despite a heavy load of over 3 million page views (with a peak in a single hour of over 500,000). Behind the scenes the site is the result of a lot of hard work from... Read More…

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Metal Toad and Kapow Launch Ken Burns America

Ken Burns America launched this week on the website. In partnering with Kapow, Metal Toad took on the task of modifying and patching the NotreDAM Digital Asset Manager to meet the content repository and asset management goals of the project. From there, we created a lightweight client API to expose NotreDAM's data to the project's Django-based websites, built "NotreDAM Light", an asset browser for Django, integrataed Solr for search, and assisted with SEO and Django app development tasks. Read More…