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Reliably Monitoring MySQL Replication

Replication is a wonderful thing for your clients. Having a 'hot spare' of their database(s) for redundancy, or being able to off-load read operations from the main database to increase performance, giving your client peace-of-mind about their data and application. I won't go into setting up MySQL Replication; there are more than a few guides on that already out there (here's the official documentation). Once you do have Replication running, you need to make sure that it remains running, reliably, all the time. How best to accomplish this? The Way Monitoring Had Been The typical method is to use SLAVE STATUS to look at information about the setup. Read More…

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Metal Toad Project Manager Profile: Steve Winters

As part of our project manager application process, we ask applicants to respond to a number of questions about themselves focused on their approach and philosophy when it comes to project management. We figured that if we were going to put applicants up to those questions, we should respond to them as well! Adam and Katie have already been profiled, and now it's on to Steve, our newest addition to the PM team! Read More…


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Metal Toad Templates Part 2: Our Agile Burndown Google Spreadsheet

Here’s the first template post in this series, following my opinion piece on when to use a PM tool versus creating your own spreadsheet. True to our nature as proponents of open source software, we also enjoy opening up our process a bit. Up today is our burndown spreadsheet built in Google Docs. It’s dead simple and does only one thing, but it does it quickly and efficiently. As we win more and more projects at a larger scale where an Agile approach makes sense, we’re communicating progress via burndown charts more regularly. Read More…

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Metal Toad Templates Part 1: Spreadsheets versus PM Tools

I’m starting a new series dedicated to sharing project management templates we’ve created and frequently use at Metal Toad. We use various tools on projects (Harvest, Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Invision, etc.), but like many others we’ve talked to, we still use plenty of spreadsheets and documents to improve project tracking and documentation. Yes, there are tools that accomplish what we’re looking to do, but many don’t do it well enough, and others do it too well. Sometimes a spreadsheet is just right. Using a spreadsheet over a similar tool makes sense based upon the overall value provided by each based on the variables below: Read More…

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Ruby, Drupal and a tadpole's swimlane

Entering the pond As a tadpole in the Metal Toad pond, I had my fair share of anxiety in my first few weeks as a developer but from day one every member of the team made me feel welcome and has always been there to help.There is a strong sense of camaraderie that crosses over into our work ethic and collaboration. We all take pride in the work we do and that became apparent to me right away in my first few weeks here. I feel like I am part of more than just a development team, I feel like I am part of an extended family. I can't imagine being more set up for success than I am right now. It's a great and motivating feeling! Read More…

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Metal Toad Managed Services Dashboard - Part 2: Tools for Logging

In Part 1 we saw that the layout showed a glimpse of what is behind the scenes of our new dashboard, the graphs were all generated with the help of a utility called Graphite. Graphite can't do the job on its own though, it takes a whole host of other programs to get the data from the various servers to Graphite in a form that it can read. Read More…


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Creating a Custom Glossary Filter in Django

The Scenario You have a project that has lists of data and you need to have a way for users to filter the list by the first letter of the title/name/etc. This is commonly referred to as Glossary Filtering and can be a bit trickier than you'd think to do well. The Example This post uses code that was done in the Django 1.5 Python framework but the concepts used could easily be transferred to other languages/frameworks. Read More…