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Please don't abuse node references! Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of "Please don't abuse node references!" In this post I'll cover some of the details behind some of the issues I encountered when I implemented the solution to our problem outlined in part 1.
By Chris Svajlenka, Senior Developer

ToadCast 023 - Drupal Con Austin 2014

Photo Credit: Tyler Ward In Toadcast 23 we talk with Tom Martin and Dan about Drupalcon 2014, Texas Food, Heat, Sessions from Four Kitchens, Adam Edgerton, Roaches, Austin City Life, Pet Talk, Presentations by Dan, Drupalcon 2015, The Definition of Decimate, Future of Drupal, & Expansion of Drupal Crowd.
By Steve Winters, Project Manager

Scaling Projects and Scaling the Organization

This post is the second in a series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" In this post, I want to take a look at how growth on the project and organization levels are very similar.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

A Formula for Healthy Project Size Compared to Organization Size

This post is the first in a series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin recently, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" The session as a whole focuses on my experience from a project management and operations perspective as Metal Toad grew from a small web shop into a medium-sized technology consultancy, and why I think project management needs to play an integral role in steering an organization's growth.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

Drupalcon Austin: Toads in Texas

Turns out that Toads migrate south in the summer. At first, we assumed this was some instinctual need to get as close to the sun as possible. But then we realized it was just the bright beacon of Drupalcon drawing us in. We must obey our master.
By Tom Martin, Senior Development Strategist

Providing Value as a Digital PM

Being a PM can be a bit of an amorphous position, especially at smaller agencies where the job spans part AM, part contract writer, part QA, operational issues, etc, (See Adam’s blog on role). The many hats may give the illusion of value, but at the end of the day we are hired for one job; to manage projects and do it well. But what does that mean?
By Steve Winters, Project Manager

Javascript: Understanding Objects vs Arrays and When to Use Them. [Part 2]

In Part 1 of this blog post I omitted one very important detail about the nature of Arrays. You might have heard this already: "Everything is an Object in javascript!". This is technically true. While String, Bool and Number are literals, javascript silently creates a wrapper Object around the primitive at the time of access. There are couple of other special data types that are not Objects (i.e. Undefined and Null), but for the most part you will be dealing with "things" that inherit from the…
By Slavko Pesic, Developer

Javascript: Understanding Objects vs Arrays and When to Use Them. [Part 1]

What are Objects and how do they differ from Arrays in Javascript? When is it advantageous to use one over the other? I ran into this question several times while browsing through stackoverflow's javascript queue so I decided to recycle my answers, elaborate a bit and make it into a blog post. If you are new to javascript, understanding these two data types is very important and could potentially save you some headache down the road. Declaration & Augmentation
By Slavko Pesic, Developer

Metal Toad Templates Part 4: Our Project Timeline Template

Up today is a brief post to share our project timeline template. This one gets used primarily in waterfall-ish projects as a Gannt chart type of visual calendar when something as simple as a list of dates doesn't properly communicate project duration and important milestones. First up, pull up the project timeline template in your browser so you can follow along with what exactly I'm talking about.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

AWS NAS Test Part 2

Shortly after I wrote AWS NAS Test I was contacted by Zadara Storage. They had some concerns about the data I reported from my test.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Cloud Engineer

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