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Hey Project Managers! Let's Not Talk Tools.

I recently attended BADCamp where I had the opportunity to talk shop with project managers from a number of different agencies. I had some insightful conversations and a few really good takeaways that will help me improve project management at Metal Toad. But for the most part, the go-to conversation seems to be about project management tools. Do you use Basecamp? How about Trello? Jira? MS Project? Any of the other five hundred options out there?
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

Behat with Drupal Domain Access

At Metal Toad we have been expanding our testing to include more behavior driven testing. The end goal is to bridge the gap between the languages that we developers speak (which tend to be more logic than spoken) and the languages that our clients speak (commonly English or some other language that normal people use for communication). One interesting challenge we found was taking all the "awesome" that behat has to offer and applying it to a site that has several domains being served from a…
By Tom Martin, Senior Development Strategist

ToadCast 011 - Drupal, BADCamp, and dev tools

This time on ToadCast 011 I was joined by Dan Linn to discuss Drupal, BADCamp, dev tools, and more!
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

Developer or Software Engineer?

Let's explore what these titles communicate and how that influences various things about our professional world.
By Chris Trahey, Director of Strategy

Improving Our Use of PHP Namespaces

Let's take a minute to step back and think about why we use namespaces, and how to use them to improve code quality. I suspect there's a lingering hesitance to embrace their usefulness.
By Chris Trahey, Director of Strategy

It's Not the Pen

As developers and tech-heads, we all have our personal biases. I dare you to estimate how many times you have partaken in, or broken up, heated debates over programming languages, frameworks, or perhaps the conflict that warranted personalization in a series of commercials: Mac vs. PC. We love our gadgets and software with good reason. After all...
By Tom Martin, Senior Development Strategist

ToadCast 010 - I Hope You Like Opinions

Here we go again! ToadCast 010, I was joined by Aaron Amstutz and Tony Rasmussen to discuss Apple, Google, and Microsoft hardware & dissonance with javascript compilers, and more!
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

TinyDNS as a Puppet Module

As a data center operator we are in need of DNS handling for our internal servers and appliances. Handling IP’s for everything is not really an option and also changes to servers are much easier to handle if we can use assigned domain names instead of IP addresses. When we started looking at open source DNS servers for the Linux operating system there are really 2 bigger contestants out there in the market: Bind and TinyDNS. This said Bind pretty much owns the market. That comes with advantages…
By Bernd Weber, CTO, Copper Frog Hosting

Programming Skills Every Non-Programmer Should Have

I recently came across Rahul Singh's Non-Programming Skills Every Programmer Should Have Thanks to Aaron Amstutz. The post outlines six important areas of personal development for programmers:
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

How to Pass Multiple Values through an Exposed Filter in Drupal Views

I regularly work with Views and recently I have had a few odd needs. One of which was when a user selects an item, that item then disappears from the view. The view has exposed filters with AJAX turned on. Since I don’t know how many items I’ll need to filter, I’ll need a way to pass multiple values through an exposed filter. Views apparently does not do this out of the box. If I was filtering on a content field setup for multiple values this may be easier. But no, I am filtering on nids. Since…
By Peter Schuelke, Web Developer

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