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Ruby, Drupal and a tadpole's swimlane

Entering the pond
By Jason Rodriguez, Junior Developer

Metal Toad Managed Services Dashboard - Part 2: Tools for Logging

In Part 1 we saw that the layout showed a glimpse of what is behind the scenes of our new dashboard, the graphs were all generated with the help of a utility called Graphite. Graphite can't do the job on its own though, it takes a whole host of other programs to get the data from the various servers to Graphite in a form that it can read.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Cloud Engineer

Creating a Custom Glossary Filter in Django

The Scenario You have a project that has lists of data and you need to have a way for users to filter the list by the first letter of the title/name/etc. This is commonly referred to as Glossary Filtering and can be a bit trickier than you'd think to do well. The Example This post uses code that was done in the Django 1.5 Python framework but the concepts used could easily be transferred to other languages/frameworks.
By Tom Martin, Senior Technology Consultant

Metal Toad Managed Services Dashboard - Part 1: The New Dashboard

For some time now, our clients have had the ability to login and see their server stats with Munin or Kibana. The problem is, both of these give more information than what is needed and the client is forced to use multiple sites to see the information. To help solve this problem, I built the Metal Toad Managed Services Dashboard.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Cloud Engineer

How To: Create a form show/hide password system in AngularJS

Numerous times during working with AngularJS there have been these moments of, oh, wow... OH, now that's cool... wow... Usually followed up by a warm happy feeling because what I wanted to do was possible and the solution was so simple. This started to happen pretty frequently. As a result I have started to make notes of when these situations occurred. So that I can do a quick posting about them to share with others having similar problems. Here is one of those handy tricks.
By Peter Bliss, Senior Developer

Angular services and useable patterns

AngularJS is a relatively new javascript framework that is taking the web application development world by storm. It boasts some incredible architecture and supporting components that change the way you think about building applications. One of those components is known as 'services'. Services provide a 'hooked-in' way to perform data-centric tasks. By hooked-in, I mean that they are hooked into Angular, which means that they are expose-able through dependency injection and chainable from your…
By Ken Stowell, Senior Developer

Drupal 7 Tutorial: Using Entityqueue

Now that Entityqueue has been released, I wanted to give a quick tutorial on how to use it. You can manage the queues from the /admin/structure/entityqueue page.
By Jonathan Jordan, Software Architect

The Drupal Entityqueue Module

If you're familiar with the Nodequeue module and you wanted to create a queue of other entity types, like users or terms, then you would have to install another module, like User Queue or Term Queue. Not anymore! Introducing Entityqueue!
By Jonathan Jordan, Software Architect

What I Learned Today: Drupal #attached Awesomeness

What is #attached
By Jonathan Jordan, Software Architect

Stage Gating to Avoid Project Failure

One of the newer processes we’ve implemented at Metal Toad is that of stage gating. I was going to title this post "Stage Gating for Project Success," but really it’s all about risk avoidance and limiting potential failure on projects by following our tried and true steps to keep projects on track.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations