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Faster Database Backups via Drush! Plus Capistrano Integration

When working with Drupal sites, Drush is your go-to tool. This post is going to focus on the drush sql-dump command. This allows you to export your database to a sql file, so you can restore it later. This can be particularly useful when you are working in a development environment and need to deploy a site to production for the first time. Or when you start work on a new clients existing site, you need to export their live database and download it to your local environment. Read More…

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How To Detect Which Element Was Clicked, Using jQuery

Sometimes we would like to find out which particular element (or set of elements) has user clicked on. However, binding click events on each element manually might not be the most practical way of accomplishing this. Or we might want to fire a certain event if user clicks on anything but particular element(s). I will describe one of such scenarios below and offer one of possible solutions to it using jQuery. Example In our example we have a menu toggle button which shows/hides menu item list. We want the item list to stay open until user clicks on the menu toggle button or somewhere outside the item list. Read More…

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Metal Toad Hosts Women Who Hack

With our recent remodel complete and the dust cleared, it was time for Metal Toad to host our first event. On Sunday, we welcomed Women Who Hack, a monthly gathering "for women who want to hack on projects with or around other women. All types of projects (software and hardware), languages, platforms and experience levels are welcome." Read More…

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Mastering The Metal Toad Project Life Cycle

We're in the middle of interviews for our open project manager position and we've been talking to a lot of great candidates, all with diverse project process backgrounds at various companies. Not to toot our own horn too much, but one thing that I've realized as a result is just how great our project life cycle model is! We've made great strides in the last several years, and at this point we have it dialed-in for the type of projects that come through our door. Without further ado, in the spirit of open-sourcing not only our software contributions but also our processes, here's what we do and why it works: Read More…

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Quick & Dirty WordPress Plugin Benchmarking in Debug Bar

At tonight's PDX WordPress Dev meetup (thanks for the pizza Digital Trends) Daniel Bachhuber had some questions about benchmarking a plugin. Benchmarking WordPress itself is easy, but it's harder to isolate a specific plugin, much less a few calls to preg_match_all() within it. The questioned SEO Auto Linker plugin does this on every page load, so any running time adds latency on every page. Speculation from the meetup is that a PHP regex operating on post content, a blob, and looping through hundreds of links could be pretty slow. Too much caffeine today meant I had to give it a try. Read More…

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Gender Diversity in Tech Requires Applicant Diversity

I would love our company to show more gender diversity, but where are the female applicants? From what I've read women make up 17% of the Drupal community - though there is some question as to how many of those women are actual developers. Even in speaking with women in the Drupal community, it often seems that the women working in Drupal tend more to be in marketing positions than in highly-technical jobs. Read More…

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Quick Tip: Dive Into Drupal Objects with Search Krumo

If you've done any signifigant development with Drupal, you're probably (deeply) familiar with a little function called dpm(). I think it stands for Drupal Print Message. If you aren't familiar, dpm() is available through the Devel module and it's a great tool to dive into any Drupal code you might be working with. You can examine available variables, the node object, etc. It even prints out in a nice compact bundle in the 'Messages' area. Read More…

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Using Amazon Cloudfront with Drupal

We like to use our own site to experiment with different technologies. CDN's are nothing new, and Metal Toad has projects running on competing systems including Akamai and Level 3. Still, I think Amazon Cloudfront is an interesting offering and I wanted to give it a spin. Here's my review of the service after setting it up with Drupal: Read More…

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Quick and handy iPad version-detection plugin for PhoneGap

We were recently using PhoneGap on an iPad specific JavaScript app (HTML5 in PhoneGap with Drupal data backend FTW!) and ran into a problem with the first gen iPad's RAM capability. For this specific project we just needed to disable some functionality for iPad 1 users, so I (with some objective C help from Chris) cobbled together a quick iPad version detection plug-in. Read More…