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Global Drupal Training day is today!

Global Drupal Training Day Today is Global Drupal Training Day! While Metal Toad wasn't able to participate with a local classroom event (our offices are in the final phase of reconstruction.. look out for the blog post on this soon!), we have a lot of talented Drupal experts that have been sharing their knowledge on our blog right here. We love open source software and give back to Drupal anytime we can. If you are new to Drupal, you can dive right into our Drupal knowledge base, or check out a few articles here: Read More…

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ToadCast 002

Browsers, Boilerplate, SASS battle innuendo, and destruction! Joining me on our second podcast is Dan Linn where we talk about browsers, user experience, the HTML5 boilerplate theme for drupal, moving the web forward, and being cool developers. Read More…

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ToadCast 001 - Hello World!

First Episode Here we go! The first ever Metal Toad Media podcast: Toadcast! This is a weekly podcast dealing with the web, technology, and anything we're into at the moment. We are really excited about this first effort and can't wait to see how this grows over time. Read More…

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Using Twitter Effectively

You may have noticed Metal Toad has been expanding our scope when it comes to blog content – namely a lot of interviews, event coverage, and (soon) a podcast. Because Metal Toad is active in the Portland tech commuity, and because we believe so much in open source software and web standards, we think it is important to try and capture and share as much of the knowledge that is floating out there as we can. Read More…

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Parse / extract server settings from your Capfile

One interesting thing that has evolved from our use of Capistrano is the configuration files have become the de-facto documentation hub for a project's server connection details. (We do maintain inventory data elsewhere, but for the developer in the trenches, config/deploy/prod.rb is the first place to look). A question arose: How to parse the settings out of these files? Read More…

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WebVisions PDX Interview Series 2012

The WebVisions Conference came through Portland last week - and Metal Toad was there to capture as many interviews as we could. WebVisions is a technology conference in its 14th year, and we got a few minutes with Executive Director Brad Smith to talk about the conference, its speakers, and some of the things that have come out of it over the years. Read More…

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A Company Organization Chart You Can Believe In

As our company has grown, we've had to think about the way we can support a larger organizational structure. This meant creating things like a Corporate Values Statement and even a company Org Chart. When first setting out on this task, I started with a traditional tree. We have people in management positions, so why not? For me, there are two big problems with this representation Read More…

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Mobile Drupal optimization results

Our responsive redesign has been a great improvement for I was still not entirely satisfied with the speed of our site, especially while waiting for my train at the busy Pioneer Square! One of the major obstacles for mobile networks is lag, and so I set out to cut down the number of HTTP requests. By improving the site's stylesheets and scripts, I was able to eliminate a dozen extra requests. Read More…