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Programmers: To be considered a professional, you need to act like one.

Being a programmer is a profession. It is a high-skill job that demands a large initial investment of time as well dedication to continuing education to stay at the top of your game - much like a doctor. Yet, programmers often lose sight of the fact that the skills we bring to the table are only part of the equation; like a medical professional, our "bedside manner" is incredibly important to our overall professional success. Why is that?
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder

Sound Bytes from Drupalcon Portland

First off, yes, I realize it's "sound bite", but given the context, "byte" sounds more applicable. The Toads have been at Drupalcon Portland this week in force! With a sponsor booth to manage and two different parties to organize, we've been busy, but I've managed to squeeze a few sessions in as well. Here are some top quotes and takeaways along the way:
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

DrupalCon Pre-Show and announcements

Here we go! Portland's Drupalcon is here. Here is a quick update about some of the exciting things that Metal Toad is bringing to the event. Stop by our booth (#207) and come party with us Tuesday and Wednesday. Come watch us record the podcast live and even step up to the mic if you dare. T-shirts, wine, stickers, foosball, Drupal!?!?! Whoa.
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

Site Administration: Remember the Admin

Meet Jake. Jake administers a Drupal site. Jake is not a developer, nor does he want to be. Jake does not care about field formatters, image styles, or even draggable views. What Jake cares about is being able to load new content to his site without feeling a tingling sensation up his spine that keeps saying: "just throw the monitor… that will make it better… yeah…."
By Tom Martin, Senior Technology Consultant

How (not) to think about Responsive Design.

The most important question we should ask is, "to what are we responding?" It's not too far to jump from that question to the point I want to drill in: we're thinking about the wrong kinds of interactions. In some cases it's egocentric, but the main idea is that we must change the thinking and dialogue to focus more on real-world user interactions.
By Chris Trahey, Director of Strategy

The Successful Digital PM, Part 1: What is a Digital Project Manager's Role?

Project management. Is it a dark art? Is it science? Probably some combination of both. Across the web/app/software development industry, consensus seems to be that finding project managers is easy, but finding great project managers is hard to impossible. At Metal Toad (and likely many similar organizations), a project manager needs a much broader skill set than the ability to create Gannt charts, track budgets, and manage scope. Metal Toad project managers are truly directors of their…
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

Passing Page Arguments to View Panes

Recently I was faced with the task of passing off multiple page arguments to a view pane, which seems simple enough after you have done it once, but the first time around I found myself wading through settings for far too long. The scenario: we were working with Page Manager to create pages and within a page we had a View Pane that needed to be filtered based on the context filters being passed to the page as arguments in the URL.
By Tom Martin, Senior Technology Consultant

ToadCast 016 - Home Brew edition

ToadCast 16! A very special episode all about home brewing. Joining me on this episode are three Metal Toad employees with a lot of brewing experience - Dylan Tack, Peter Bliss, and Tyler Ward. Learn some of the basics of brewing beer, common misconceptions, equipment, books, and a little bit about wine making.
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

ToadCast 015 - ECommerce

Joining me for Toadcast 15 is Tom Martin to discuss ecommerce. That's right, a show all about a single topic!
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

Fixing "no such file" error in Capistrano upload()

Last week, this error brought many of our deployments to a screeching halt. "upload via sftp failed on Net::SFTP::StatusException (Net::SFTP::StatusException open ...releases/20130408223054/drupal/ sites/all/themes/boilerplate/css/compiled/default.css (2, "no such file"))".
By Dylan Tack, Director of Technology