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DC Comics & Hip Hop

Many years ago I got into skateboarding, soon after, that lead to hip hop. Something about the two seemed to be synonymous around that time, or perhaps it was just my area (Metro Detroit).
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager

10 Months as a Junior Developer

I am now within a couple days of having survived as a Junior Developer at Metal Toad for 10 whole months. To celebrate, I considered starting my first blog post with a well worn cliché about the passing of time and the having of fun. Fortunately I hold my literary career to a much higher standard. However in all honesty, if I had stooped to such a pathetic low, it would have been a completely accurate description of my time here. It has been an incredibly fun experience working at Metal Toad…
By Ben Teegarden, Developer

Communication Styles and Team Dynamics

Here's the sixth post in my series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" This post goes a bit deeper into a framework for looking at team dynamics based on the communication styles of doer, thinker, challenger, and supporter that I first came across at the University of Oregon business school.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

Evolution of the Custom Cloud: Part 2 "Building the Cloud"

In part 1 we covered our Architecture for the Custom Cloud. Now we’re going to walk through how we build one. This will require access to the AWS Console. Login to AWS and go to the VPC Dashboard. Do NOT click on the VPC Wizard. Instead, select the “Your VPCs” on the left and click “create VPC”.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Senior Cloud Engineer

Beware the Matrix Model?

And now for the fifth post in the series following my Drupalcon Austin session, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" This post follows closely on the heels of the fourth post in the series which focused on small, cross-functional teams.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

Evolution of the Custom Cloud: Part 1 "Architecting the Cloud"

Last year Metal Toad launched its Custom Cloud Service. Since then, our Custom Cloud Architecture has evolved to handle the increased complexity and security requirements of our clients. It all started September 2013 when we quickly moved the Emmys to AWS in time for their Prime Time event. The setup was as basic as it could be; With Lots of EC2 instances, RDS, and an Elastic Load balancer. It was secure and it was stable, but it wasn’t elegant.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Senior Cloud Engineer

A Symbol of Culture

Cultural anthropologists in the 60s started a study known as “Symbolic and Interpretive Anthropology”. These few found the connections between objects of significance and the larger culture around them (notably: Mary Douglas, Victor Turner, and Clifford Geertz). If I were to put on the hat of a symbolic anthropologist, and my mission was to study Metal Toad, the first object that would come in focus would be The Kegerator. Simply, it shows who we are. This could be why Metal Toad is so often…
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager

Drupal 7 Form API: Using #states with multiple conditionals (AND, OR and XOR)

I've been playing with D7 forms lately and have found #states to be somewhat challenging due to lack of documentation on Form API page. I've poked around a bit and decided to write a blog with my findings in case someone else is in need of this info down the road.
By Slavko Pesic, Development Team Lead

Stack Overflow Careers 2.0

I hesitate to review Stack Overflow Careers 2.0, but I'm so excited I just can't hide it. I imagine that this is what the early adopters of LinkedIn felt. Actually - scratch that. LinkedIn hadn't become a trusted name with candidates across the world before it was carefully opened up to all of the recruiters in the world. For those of you who don't know, apparently Stack Overflow has been a dependable forum for techno-geeks for quite some time. A place to earn badges and reputation points by…
By Randi King, Director of People

Attack of the PHP clones: Drupal, HHVM, and Vagrant

For those wanting to give it a spin, Metal Toad has added HHVM support to our Vagrant box:
By Dylan Tack, Director of Technology