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What I Learned Today: Drupal Behat Scenario Cleanup

I've been doing a lot more Behat testing recently. As my tests have gotten more complex, I've discovered that it was only a matter of "luck" that my earlier tests were properly cleaning up after themselves. What I mean, is that during my tests I fill out and submit a node form, checking that I successfully created it and that the appropriate users can see it. After each scenario you want to clean up any data that was created so you can run the test again and get the same result.
By Jonathan Jordan, Software Architect

ToadCast 019 - An Interview With The Pug Master Himself, Tom Martin

In ToadCast 019, Metal Toad PM Matt Payton helps me interview Tom Martin who was recently promoted to Senior Development Strategist at Metal Toad. We discuss his background in animation and e-commerce that ultimately lead him to his current title. Tom also gives advice for other programmers and tells us what's good in the world.
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager

Metal Toad Project Manager Profile: Adam Edgerton

As part of our project manager application process, we ask applicants to respond to a number of questions about themselves focused on their approach and philosophy when it comes to project management.
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

Switching from Apple OSX apps to Google Apps in the Browser

I’ve been using the Apple OSX suite of productivity tools (Safari, iCal, Mail) for as long as I’ve been using Macs (PowerBook G4 in ‘03). I’ve dabbled with other applications like Thunderbird, Firefox, and Chrome, but I’ve stayed true to the Apple products because they worked. Up until recently, the ‘app’ experience in browsers were clunky and couldn’t match the speed and ability to customize. The tide has shifted with what can be done in the browser. Web application developers and browsers are…
By Matt Payton, Senior Project Manager

What I Learned Today: Drupal Behat Breakpoints

Today I learned that the Drupal Behat Extension provides an extremely useful step definition for debugging. Breakpoints!
By Jonathan Jordan, Software Architect

Professional Skills from Raising a Newborn

This last month my wife and I had a new baby. Since this was my second child, I spent less time panicking and more time preparing for the bundle of joy. It was during this preparation that I realized how much the skills for dealing with a baby and the skills for work projects can overlap. How?
By Nathan Wilkerson, Cloud Engineer

Sound "Bytes" From The Digital PM Summit

The Digital PM Summit took place earlier this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two great days of listening to speakers and mingling with attendees later, I came away extremely pleased with the inaugural event and already look forward to next year. There were many great highlights, and not surprisingly given the project management background of Brett Harned and the summit team, things were extremely well planned and executed. Below are just a few of the highlights from conference sessions!
By Adam Edgerton, Director of Project Management & Operations

My Takeaways on the Digital Project Management Summit in Philadelphia.

When I told people that I was going to the inaugural digital project management summit, I'm not sure they knew what that meant. Is it a bunch of Gantt Charts, Process Diagrams, and Risk Assessment spreadsheets? While those are important parts of project management, my takeaways from this conference related to the soft skills of project management. The primary focus of the conference was around communication and collaboration with the client and your project team.
By Matt Payton, Senior Project Manager

New Relic Real user monitoring hooks for Drupal

If you are using New Relic for performance monitoring a Drupal project, you may have noticed a large discrepency between the browser throughput and app server throughput. In the example that follows, the difference is 100:1. The cause is a limitation in the auto-instrument feature:
By Dylan Tack, Director of Technology

ToadCast 018! PM Summit

The ToadCast has been revived! I talked with Adam Edgerton to discuss the Digital PM Summit.
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager