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Book Review: HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development

This book is packed with a ton of various tips and tricks for the novice or the pro. Even with 13 years of experience it still taught me a few things that had flown under my radar that I'll be implementing right away. While it does take some leaps regarding expected reader knowledge, there are plenty of links and resources noted to help anyone catch up. Read More…

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Narrow your focus, improve your influence, have fun doing it.

There is a counterintuitive secret to designing and building a product to set it up for optimal success. This principle is potent because it works whether you want breadth of impact, depth, or both. Focusing on your first followers is the right strategy for eventually having impact well beyond your initial reach. Read More…

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It Begins

“The beginning is the most important part of the work” - Plato Let me start by introducing myself to those of you who may not know me. My name is John Anthony Hartman and I recently joined @Metaltoad in Business Development / Account Management. Until recently I ran my own agency called feedia. While running my own agency over the years has been an amazing experience this new path forward is rich with opportunity and extends my ability to serve my clients in a much greater capacity. Read More…

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Goldilocks & the 3 Process Options

Finding the right level of process and structure is a tough line to walk for every company. Too much structure can hinder the creative flow - too little and the creativity can run rampant without producing any results. In my time as a middle school teacher, process overcomplicated the job. Weekly lesson plans were copied in triplicate, never to be seen by anyone but myself. Hours were spent tirelessly preparing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for special needs students, only to have a parent or principal disregard the instructions or launch into a endless barrage of unnecessary changes. While the intent of the structure is to protect educators, the reality is the bureaucracy prevents creativity and personalized instruction in the classroom. Read More…

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Hey Project Managers! Let's Not Talk Tools.

I recently attended BADCamp where I had the opportunity to talk shop with project managers from a number of different agencies. I had some insightful conversations and a few really good takeaways that will help me improve project management at Metal Toad. But for the most part, the go-to conversation seems to be about project management tools. Do you use Basecamp? How about Trello? Jira? MS Project? Any of the other five hundred options out there? The tools conversation seems to come up over and over again because it's easy; it doesn't force the participants to get at the meat of project management. Read More…

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Behat with Drupal Domain Access

At Metal Toad we have been expanding our testing to include more behavior driven testing. The end goal is to bridge the gap between the languages that we developers speak (which tend to be more logic than spoken) and the languages that our clients speak (commonly English or some other language that normal people use for communication). One interesting challenge we found was taking all the "awesome" that behat has to offer and applying it to a site that has several domains being served from a single Drupal install running the domain access module. Read More…

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It's Not the Pen

As developers and tech-heads, we all have our personal biases. I dare you to estimate how many times you have partaken in, or broken up, heated debates over programming languages, frameworks, or perhaps the conflict that warranted personalization in a series of commercials: Mac vs. PC. We love our gadgets and software with good reason. After all... Read More…

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