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ChickTech High School Workshop

All developers know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a tricky section of code. To me that feeling is a distant second to the accomplishment felt when teaching someone else the joys of this hobby/career that I hold so dear. This past weekend (Jan. 26th & 27th, 2013) Portland State University graciously hosted the Chicktech High School Workshop where I had the privilege of being on a team that introduced an entire lab full of high school age young women to Drupal. Read More…

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Drupal 7 Tutorial: Customizing Services Input and Output format

Recently I was working with the Drupal services module, and ran into a few hang ups. For my project I needed a rest service that could export xml that matched a specific format, and consume xml and store it in the database for later processing. To do this I created a custom services resource, this was pretty straight forward. I found a few really great sites that explain how this is done. This one in particular is quite helpful. It was when I attempted to customize the output and input that I ran into some hang ups. When attempting to research more about how it is done, I found very little information posted anywhere. In this brief tutorial I will outline how I was able to achieve my goals, and hopefully save you some time. Read More…

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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012

What an awesome year! Even though we are almost a month into 2013 I still can’t help but look back at 2012 and at all the great content that came out. If you are the nostalgic type (or the busy type and just missed them the first time around), let’s go through our Top 5 blog posts of 2012: 1. A Simple Device Diagram for Responsive Design Planning This is the blog post that didn’t die. Every day I check our Twitter feed, and someone has found this post and tweeted about it. This... almost every day: Read More…

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Metal Toad University - Class #4: JavaScript!

Want to catch up with Metal Toad University? Go through the previous classes here! The fourth class we held was an intro to JavaScript (JS), guest hosted by Robbie Ferrero. Robbie gave us a great presentation on what JS is and how to use it. We covered the basics like what a variable is and what a function is. At the end, I demoed a small piece of code that I wrote during that class. It allowed me to demonstrate some JS in action. Read More…

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Metal Toad University: Class 3

For the rest in the Metal Toad University Series, Click Here. This was a fun class as we talked about CSS, which IMO, is one of the most pleasurable parts of web development. Styling is what everyone sees when they go to your site so it can be viewed as one of the most important steps too. Read More…

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Celery Periodic Tasks: From Installation to Infinity

This is a quick example of how I got Periodic Tasks to work using Celery without Django. There are lots of examples out there for creating tasks and loose documentation on how to start Celery and Celery Beat, but most of them involve Django. I just wanted to run a simple example and I spent way too long trying to fill in the gaps to get even this simple task to run periodically. So hopefully this quick example will help somebody else out there save some time. Read More…

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Beer, booze or bytes: Make your own Homebrew!

What is Homebrew? The term "Homebrew" is defined by Webster dictionary as "beer or other alcoholic beverage made at home." This definition which is the most commonly used would refer to the making of beer and wine at home. But beer is not the only thing that is "brewed" at home and referred to by this term. Homebrew also refers to the creation of software, typically video games that are produced for proprietary platforms or via official development kits. Read More…


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Second Class of MTU

If you missed our first class, you can read up and watch the video here. We completed the second class of Metal Toad University last Thursday. It focused on tools that we'll use to create sites including text editors and graphics programs, and then we went down a list of HTML elements and talked about each one. Well, most of them. We skipped the blink tag and a few others. Read More…

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How (and Why) Google Needs to Invest in Open Source

As more and more people start using the internet, and as websites get increasingly full featured Google continues to see growth in its userbase. Open Source CMS platforms (Drupal, WordPress, etc.) are increasingly the go-to technology for many companies with over 800,000 sites using Drupal or almost 60 million on WordPress. As big as these numbers are, they are a drop in a bucket compared to the 4+ million Google searches that occur each day. So why should Google care? Read More…

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Site Building at DrupalCon 2013 in Portland

I'm very excited to announce that papers are now being accepted for DrupalCon 2013 in Portland! I'm heading up the Site Building track this year and we have some very exciting things to talk about in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 this year. Some of the main themes we'll be covering this year in Site Building will include using third-party modules to control the content layout of your site, modules that can add quick functionality with no configuration, and modules that can add very complex functionality without having to have the technical knowhow that would normally be required. If you like using Drupal but aren't looking to master PHP, this is the track for you. Read More…