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ToadCast 014 - Everyone's got a phone and a toilet

Joining me for our 14th ToadCast is Chris Trahey where we talk about doing what is right for your clients and the benefits of developers as technical sales. We also discuss notification overload, the anxiety surrounding a desire to know everything, and managing your todo list.
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

Drush pm-download and pm-update: When and Why to Use Each

Drush is a Drupal developers Swiss-army knife. Of course there are the favorite commands that you probably use every day: drush sql-cli, drush pm-enable. Drush pm-download and drush pm-update are probably pretty commonly used as well. I'm going to use their aliases for the rest of this blog post: drush dl and drush up. drush up is actually a combination of drush pm-updatecode (drush upc) and drush updatedb (drush updb). In my examples I'll be using the Views module, but the same applies for any…
By Jonathan Jordan, Development Team Lead

Leading with 'Why'

When clients come to Metal Toad, they're looking to get something done - improve or add features, upgrade their site or perhaps build something new all together. As a result, our conversations with clients often begin with a statement and a question: "Here's what we need" and "How is Metal Toad going to get it done?" Unfortunately, leading with the 'What' and the 'How' has several pitfalls, the greatest of which is scope creep.
By Katie Hurst, Project Manager

How to Fix Caching for Views With Exposed Filters in Drupal 7

One of the better features of the views module in Drupal is the ability to cache your view's output. This can come in handy when your view is doing a lot of computation. Caching your view will save your server a lot of unneeded work. One of the big current drawbacks of this feature is if you enable caching for your view and you have an exposed filter, you'll run into the following scenario:
By Chris Svajlenka, Senior Developer

Developer Flow and Coming Up For Air

Developers shine when they get into flow, but we must be active participants in the mechanisms which make flow possible in an active organization.
By Chris Trahey, Director of Strategy

Open Source is the New Microsoft

When I was starting out in the web industry back before the turn of century, open source options were available but were often ruled out as risky business investments. At the time, they were relatively feature poor (compared to enterprise solutions) and a bet on the wrong technology could potentially cost someone their job. It was around this time that I heard the phrase "no one gets fired for choosing Microsoft", but times have changed.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder

Metal Toad University #6: Gets Spooky

Want to join Metal Toad University? Join the Google+ Page.
By Dan Linn, Director of Development

ToadCast 013 - Apps, Contests, Calling people out, and My Bloody Valentine

Baker's dozen! Shortest episode ever. For ToadCast 013 I was joined by Tyler Ward.
By Robbie Ferrero, Web Developer

How to Improve Your Reputation as an Open Source Provider

If you are as open source service provider (Drupal, etc) you have a distinct advantage over many peer in the web development arena. With open source you are leveraging tens of millions of dollars worth of software and bringing that value to bear on even the smallest project you work on; you are part of a vibrant community that has drawn (and continues to draw) both amazing development talent and high-profile customers, who look for your services by name. All of that said, there are some…
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder

Metal Toad University #5: The Gathering

OMG, no video! For shame! We had some technical difficulties (read: Dan was a doofus), so there was no audio on the video. So while you could watch it, it probably wouldn't be that helpful. Sorry! But here's what we did: This class was where we finally started putting everything together to work on an actual site: Beek and Brooke's Bloody Bash. This is my annual Halloween party and an easy target for a fun little demo site.
By Dan Linn, Director of Development

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