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Metal Toad Project Manager Profile: Rhienna Renee Guedry

As part of our project manager application process, we ask applicants to respond to a number of questions about themselves focused on their approach and philosophy when it comes to project management. We figured that if we were going to put applicants up to those questions, we should respond to them as well! Adam and Steve have already been profiled, and now it's on to Rhienna! Read More…

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The Best Way to Learn Programming for Beginners

What is the best way to learn programming for beginners? I've spent a lot of time over the past 12 months thinking about this question, and as our firm has grown steadily from 19 to 39 people, I've reflected on what makes the difference between the people who walk in the door and knock things out of the park and those who struggle. Since my blog post on How to Become a Web Developer I have a number of people who regularly ask me this very question, I'd like to share my thoughts and observations. Read More…

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Toadcast 24

I must begin with a sincere apology to both Jeebak and Jason. I sat on this toadcast for some time and two others got out before it. For Toadcast 24 (referred to in the audio as Toadcast 22) I interviewed Jason and Jeebak about the work they are doing at Metal Toad, their goals as developers, and even re-use some of the fun questions from Toadcast 21. Read More…

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Unit Change During Project & Organizational Growth

This post is part three of a series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" In this post, I'm going to explore a topic that got cut from the Drupalcon presentation but warrants exploration in a blog post: units of measurement for projects and the organization and how they change over time with growth. Read More…


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Toadcast 23!

Photo Credit: Tyler Ward In Toadcast 23 we talk with Tom Martin and Dan about Drupalcon 2014, Texas Food, Heat, Sessions from Four Kitchens, Adam Edgerton, Roaches, Austin City Life, Pet Talk, Presentations by Dan, Drupalcon 2015, The Definition of Decimate, Future of Drupal, & Expansion of Drupal Crowd. Read More…

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A Formula for Healthy Project Size Compared to Organization Size

This post is the first in a series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin recently, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" The session as a whole focuses on my experience from a project management and operations perspective as Metal Toad grew from a small web shop into a medium-sized technology consultancy, and why I think project management needs to play an integral role in steering an organization's growth. Given the vastness of the subject matter, the presentation included a number of topics where I dedicated a single slide to what could have been an entire hour-long presentation on its own. Read More…

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Drupalcon Austin: Toads in Texas

Turns out that Toads migrate south in the summer. At first, we assumed this was some instinctual need to get as close to the sun as possible. But then we realized it was just the bright beacon of Drupalcon drawing us in. We must obey our master. This summer’s Drupalcon had the largest turn out yet. Just one more indicator that the Drupal community is continuing to grow and thrive. Austin was a courteous host and conveniently built their convention center right in-between the Rainey Street and 6th Street food, booze, and libation stations. Here were a few of this Toad’s take-aways: Read More…

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Providing Value as a Digital PM

Being a PM can be a bit of an amorphous position, especially at smaller agencies where the job spans part AM, part contract writer, part QA, operational issues, etc, (See Adam’s blog on role). The many hats may give the illusion of value, but at the end of the day we are hired for one job; to manage projects and do it well. But what does that mean? After 10 months at Metal Toad, the many ways I have changed what I do, what I thought I would be doing, and how I execute things have evolved immensely. This evolution has lead towards what I believe contributes value vs. filling the space. Learning from my errors I can say what value is Not... Read More…