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Project Manage The Organization

It's just over a week until the 2014 Digital PM Summit, where I'll present on organizational growth from a PM perspective. This post in my supporting series applies learnings from the world of digital project management to the need for managing company operations. It grows on my previous post "Scaling Projects and Scaling the Organization" with a bit more personal approach to how I've found success and why digital in particular is well-suited to the challenges of organizational operations. Read More…

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"Why" Not "What" Documentation

With my presentation at the Digital PM Summit coming up on October 7th, here is post number nine in my series on organizational growth. This post makes the case that if you want documentation that has a shelf life of more than 6-12 months while growing, you need to focus on the "why" and not the "what" when creating documentation. This post is highly coupled with the previous post on enduring process frameworks, but this one focuses on documentation that persists as a supporting piece of any process that needs to be widely communicated. Read More…

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Process Frameworks That Weather Growth

With my presentation at this October's Digital PM Summit just a few weeks away, here is post number eight in my series that started after I first presented on the topic of growth at Drupalcon Austin. This post investigates how to create process frameworks that hold up throughout phases of organizational growth. It's tightly coupled with the next post in the series which will focus on creating documentation that persists. Read More…

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Simple password grants with OAuth 2.0 and Drupal

Like many Drupal developers, we have become big fans of decoupled front-ends using Drupal as a RESTful backend (a.k.a. "headless" Drupal). The myriad of authorization options can be confusing, however. We've settled on OAuth 2.0 for most situations. When OAuth is brought up, many people will think of the single-sign-on flow in a browser, with the associated redirects and permission dialogs. This flow is widely used, but not always a good fit for first-party applications, or machine-to-machine API interactions. Read More…

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Agile Versus Waterfall, Once and For All

As we race towards the date of my presentation at this October's Digital PM Summit, I'm working to crank out the remaining posts in my series that started after I first presented on the topic of growth at Drupalcon Austin. This seventh post touches on one of the biggest debates of the last decade in digital and software project management: Agile versus Waterfall. In my presentation I purport to "solve" the debate in two slides. This post will give a bit more context to those two slides! Read More…

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Capistrano Deploy to dynamic AWS EC2

At Metal Toad we use Capistrano to deploy our projects to their respective servers. Normally this is done with a configuration file for each stage (Dev, Staging, QA, and Production) that contains a list of servers. Below is an example of one of those files. Read More…


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DC Comics & Hip Hop

Many years ago I got into skateboarding, soon after, that lead to hip hop. Something about the two seemed to be synonymous around that time, or perhaps it was just my area (Metro Detroit). While skateboarding and hip hop were like PB & Jelly, I found comic books and hip hop seemed to also have a complimentary relationship that permeated throughout the art form.  Flash forward many years--to current time, I have the honor of being the Project Manager for the DC websites (,, Read More…

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10 Months as a Junior Developer

I am now within a couple days of having survived as a Junior Developer at Metal Toad for 10 whole months. To celebrate, I considered starting my first blog post with a well worn cliché about the passing of time and the having of fun. Fortunately I hold my literary career to a much higher standard. However in all honesty, if I had stooped to such a pathetic low, it would have been a completely accurate description of my time here. It has been an incredibly fun experience working at Metal Toad and I can't believe I've been here for so long. Better yet, I've stuffed my brain so full of new information that a less talented writer might exclaim that my head is about to burst! Read More…

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Communication Styles and Team Dynamics

Here's the sixth post in my series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" This post goes a bit deeper into a framework for looking at team dynamics based on the communication styles of doer, thinker, challenger, and supporter that I first came across at the University of Oregon business school. Read More…