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Amazon CloudFront with Drupal 8

Since I wrote my first review of CloudFront in 2012, Amazon has added support for three essential features:
By Dylan Tack, Director of Technology

Autocomplete Using ActiveAdmin and Rails 3, Including Has Many Associations and Polymorphic Models

I love how easy ActiveAdmin is to use out of the box, but it can force you into using a panoply of workarounds for forms with any significant level of complexity. The challenge I faced was making this:
By moof mayeda, Junior Developer

iOS: A Quick Script to Retain Your Sanity With CoreSimulator Folders.

When Xcode 6 was released this past fall, Apple switched from a relatively sane folder structure to a completely opaque GUID based structure. For debugging purposes, it’s often nice to be able to browse your app’s file structure in the simulator without resorting to NSLogging a device ID.
By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer

Angular JS Promises: From Service to Template

In this blog post, we will learn how to request an HTTP GET call from an AngularJS Service and display the data in the template while avoiding the common pitfall of loading the template before the asynchronous call has been received.
By Cesar Jimenez, Junior Developer

Using the Token module to enhance the Editor experience

The Setting: A planet far, far away. Our valiant heroine struggles to climb a volcano in time to rescue a darling puppy. Clouds of ash drift in the late afternoon wind, and the heat waves from the flowing lava distort the horizon. The ground shifts under her feet and we see crevices open in the rock of the slope ahead...
By Aaron Amstutz, Development Team Lead

The Metal Toad Open Source Internship Model

As Portland becomes the next international technology hub, technology companies must create the world’s best internship development model. Period.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder
Monique, Randi, and Lori

Our Interns Love Us Almost as Much as We Love Them

Metal Toad's Internship Program has grown leaps and bounds since I arrived last year.
By Randi King, Talent Manager

Toadcast 032

For Toadcast 32, we have our good fiends from Ordnance Brewing! Listen as we discuss brewing, judge a Toad's own home brew, tech and music! Check out the Podcast on iTunes !
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager

Integrating Faux Pas into your iOS Continuous Integration Workflow

Faux Pas is a OS X app that analyzes your source code for possible bugs and stylistic issues (among many, many other things). It also has a nifty command line tool that we wanted to integrate into our continuous integration process. Here's how we made it happen.
By Sam Ingle, iOS Developer

Drupal 7 Views Preview Shows Different Results

OK, so you are a site builder or a privileged role building a view. In the preview you see a certain result set, but regular and/or anonymous users see only subset of those results or no results at all.
By Slavko Pesic, Developer