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Plaque: Ada Countess of Lovelace, Pioneer of Computing lived here.

History of Computer Girls, Part 1: Ada!

I've been going around town giving a talk on the history of women in computers.  During my research, I came across so very many names of women who had made indelible marks on the history of computing that I'd never heard before.  I decided that for my inaugural blog post at Metal Toad (Yes, I know I've been here for like over a year now.  What?  I've been busy!)  I would love to do a blog series about these amazing software pioneers who just happen to be women.
By Morgan Senkal, Senior Developer

Writing a haiku-detecting bot for Slack

At Metal Toad, we have several bots integrated into Slack. Some are more useful (TicketBot, which detects mentions of JIRA tickets and provides links) and some are more whimsical (plusplus, which lets everyone give their coworkers points for whatever reason). I wanted to get in on this, so I decided to add to the latter category and write a bot that would detect when someone inadvertently wrote a haiku. Here's how I did it; maybe it will inspire you to write something too.
By Toby Craig, Senior Developer
We live by a different code

Metal Toad’s Process to a Brand Refresh

Why a Brand Refresh? In early November 2015, Metal Toad began the work of a brand refresh. Our company had grown quickly over the past three years, our skills and service offerings had evolved, and the companies we could help best had shifted. Metal Toad now offered more than just Drupal for the entertainment industry.
By Corinna Gelster-Borgardt, Creative Director

What Is DevOps & How to Achieve It

Ever since I had the privilege of attending DevOps Days Portland, I have been hearing the way people use the word “DevOps” in a whole new way. Most of the time, DevOps is not the word they should be using.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Senior Cloud Engineer
The Currency of Culture Is Performance

The Currency of Culture

At the end of the day we need to operate viable businesses, and we all know there are many ways to get there. So much is said about culture and its impact on an overall business, that many are wondering if they should care or invest in culture? What is the ROI? What is the currency of culture? It is Performance. Culture contributes to the overall success of a business. 
By Tim Winner, Senior Vice President
Guys drinking beer

Why Software Still Looks Like a Frat House

Software has a bad rap as being a white/asian male dominated industry.  With some of the most progressive companies in the industry still at over 83% male in their tech roles, and ethnically speaking over 90% Asian and White in the Bay area, it's reputation is well deserved.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder
Women of Color in Tech Chat (

Code Quality

One of Metal Toad’s continuing goals for developers centers around mastery. There are some high-level ideas and objectives around this, but part of reaching mastery has to do with enhancing and maintaining the code quality of our projects. We’ve put some workflows in place for our projects, including changing the way we deploy and QA.
By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer

Golang Environment Configuration

I know that in my previous post, mocking API's in Golang, I said I would talk about testing, but I lied. To your face. I'm actually going to take a step backwards and talk a bit about the Golang environment configuration.
By Matt Borowiec , Developer
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A Vocational Track to Tech Jobs

I recently read an article written on the craft of software development and that got me thinking about how we as a society prepare our citizens for their careers. The gold standard for getting into a great career has been our university system for decades, if not centuries.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder

Avoiding Drupal 7 #AJAX Pitfalls

Rather than provide a basic how-to tutorial on Drupal's form API #AJAX functionality, I decided to address a few pitfalls that often frustrate developers, both junior and senior alike. To me, it seems that most of the problems arise from the approach rather than the direct implementation of the individual elements.
By Marcus Bernal, Developer