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Seeing Long Term Technology Adoption as Evolution

Much like an evolutionary tree our goal in technology adoption is too continue to move forward and evolve, rather than getting caught in a dead end.  In the natural world, becoming bigger can be good but can lead to extinction events should the environment or food source change.  Right now we are in a technology Jurassic... Read More…

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Javascript WAT: Diving into ECMAScript Abstract Equality Comparison Algorithm

I'm assuming most of you saw Gary Bernhardt's talk from CodeMash 2012 on some WAT™ features in Ruby and JavaScript. If not, I highly recommend you do as it's thouroughly amusing. No, seriously. Go ahead, I'll wait... Before I say anything else, I am going to go on the record and say that I love JavaScript. It is one of my favorite programming languages. I find it therapeutic most of the time. It is a prototypal, dynamic and "weakly typed" programming language that treats functions as first class citizens. Transitioning from a class based OOP to a prototypal OOP can be a struggle at first, but as soon as you accept the simple truth that there is no spoon, you will realize that you know kung-fu. Read More…

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Sound "Bytes" from the 2014 Digital PM Summit

With the dust settled following the 2014 Digital PM Summit in Austin, it's time to take a moment to refelct on another year of great keynote sessions, enjoyable conversations with like-minded PMs, well-attended afterparties, and a fun host city. The event grew in size and improved on the 2013 event in many ways. Big thanks to Brett Harned and the team at the Bureau of Digital Affairs for their hard work to make this event a reality. Top Moments Some of my favorite memories this year include... Read More…


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Plan or Pain?

The 2014 Digital PM Summit is here! I'm greatly looking forward to presenting on organizational growth from a PM perspective. I've arrived at the final post in this mega-series supporting the presentation, which focuses on planning (or not planning) for growth. It takes a look at examples where planning is called for, while in other cases making decisions based on growing pains is the most efficient route to success. Read More…

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Project Manage The Organization

It's just over a week until the 2014 Digital PM Summit, where I'll present on organizational growth from a PM perspective. This post in my supporting series applies learnings from the world of digital project management to the need for managing company operations. It grows on my previous post "Scaling Projects and Scaling the Organization" with a bit more personal approach to how I've found success and why digital in particular is well-suited to the challenges of organizational operations. Read More…

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"Why" Not "What" Documentation

With my presentation at the Digital PM Summit coming up on October 7th, here is post number nine in my series on organizational growth. This post makes the case that if you want documentation that has a shelf life of more than 6-12 months while growing, you need to focus on the "why" and not the "what" when creating documentation. This post is highly coupled with the previous post on enduring process frameworks, but this one focuses on documentation that persists as a supporting piece of any process that needs to be widely communicated. Read More…

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Process Frameworks That Weather Growth

With my presentation at this October's Digital PM Summit just a few weeks away, here is post number eight in my series that started after I first presented on the topic of growth at Drupalcon Austin. This post investigates how to create process frameworks that hold up throughout phases of organizational growth. It's tightly coupled with the next post in the series which will focus on creating documentation that persists. Read More…