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Open Letter to My Future Hire

Open Letter to My Future Hire

Dear You--
By Victoria Blake, Director of Product Management
Women In Tech (WIT) Event at Metal Toad

Joining Women In Tech

It is with great pride that I have recently accepted a Board position with the non-profit organization Women In Tech (WIT), Portland.  WIT is an organization that focuses on creating woman-friendly networking and mentorship opportunities, recognizing that the endemic culture of technology leaves a lot to be desired.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder
Gulp Cup with Sass written on it

Creating A Front-end Build Task With A Living Style Guide, Part 1: A Gulp of Sass (Scss)

At Metal Toad our front-end build is important to us. It helps us keep standards consistant and improves the quality of our projects.
By Jason Swetzoff, UX Designer
Saying No & Behaving No

Saying No & Behaving No

My kid is a year and a half old. She is accumulating language at a startling rate. A few weeks ago, she started saying “no.” No has quickly become her favorite word. She uses it to mean everything from “I’d prefer to have sugar, please,” to “get that toothbrush away from me.” Sometimes she really means no, but when she really really means it, she doesn’t say the word. She behaves no by turning her head, or, worse, swatting the offending thing away.
By Victoria Blake, Director of Product Management
It's time to stop

On Javascript

So...Javascript... I've been thinking a lot about Javascript over the last few months. And not the "How can we architect a better system" type of thinking, but the "Why do people still write this?" type thinking. I guess it only recently occurred to me, it seems crazy that people still think its a good idea. Javascript is the car you bought in 1992 that you drove until 2015, each week a new part breaking, each week a new "solution" to that broken part being glued on.  It's 2016, I think I've…
By Alex Banks, Senior Developer
Evolving With Our Clients: The Great Scrumban Experiment

Evolving With Our Clients: The Great Scrumban Experiment

  Identifying the need for change In early 2016, Metal Toad fully adopted Agile Scrum methodology. We'd been dabbling in it for a while, coopting some of the ceremonies but lacking any real consistency or a well-defined process. That served us well enough for a few years, but in a growth organization committed to maturing both our processes and our client relationships, it just wasn't enough. We understood that a change needed to occur, and as Metal Toad is want to do, we jumped in with both…
By Arthur Lender, Senior Project Manager
Plaque: Ada Countess of Lovelace, Pioneer of Computing lived here.

History of Computer Girls, Part 1: Ada!

I've been going around town giving a talk on the history of women in computers.  During my research, I came across so very many names of women who had made indelible marks on the history of computing that I'd never heard before.  I decided that for my inaugural blog post at Metal Toad (Yes, I know I've been here for like over a year now.  What?  I've been busy!)  I would love to do a blog series about these amazing software pioneers who just happen to be women.
By Morgan Senkal, Senior Developer

Writing a haiku-detecting bot for Slack

At Metal Toad, we have several bots integrated into Slack. Some are more useful (TicketBot, which detects mentions of JIRA tickets and provides links) and some are more whimsical (plusplus, which lets everyone give their coworkers points for whatever reason). I wanted to get in on this, so I decided to add to the latter category and write a bot that would detect when someone inadvertently wrote a haiku. Here's how I did it; maybe it will inspire you to write something too.
By Toby Craig, Senior Developer
We live by a different code

Metal Toad’s Process to a Brand Refresh

Why a Brand Refresh? In early November 2015, Metal Toad began the work of a brand refresh. Our company had grown quickly over the past three years, our skills and service offerings had evolved, and the companies we could help best had shifted. Metal Toad now offered more than just Drupal for the entertainment industry.
By Corinna Gelster-Borgardt, Creative Director

What Is DevOps & How to Achieve It

Ever since I had the privilege of attending DevOps Days Portland, I have been hearing the way people use the word “DevOps” in a whole new way. Most of the time, DevOps is not the word they should be using.
By Nathan Wilkerson, Senior Cloud Engineer