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Code Quality

One of Metal Toad’s continuing goals for developers centers around mastery. There are some high-level ideas and objectives around this, but part of reaching mastery has to do with enhancing and maintaining the code quality of our projects. We’ve put some workflows in place for our projects, including changing the way we deploy and QA.
By Angela Riggs, QA Engineer

Golang Environment Configuration

I know that in my previous post, mocking API's in Golang, I said I would talk about testing, but I lied. To your face. I'm actually going to take a step backwards and talk a bit about the Golang environment configuration.
By Matt Borowiec , Developer
vocational tools next to laptop

A Vocational Track to Tech Jobs

I recently read an article written on the craft of software development and that got me thinking about how we as a society prepare our citizens for their careers. The gold standard for getting into a great career has been our university system for decades, if not centuries.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder

Avoiding Drupal 7 #AJAX Pitfalls

Rather than provide a basic how-to tutorial on Drupal's form API #AJAX functionality, I decided to address a few pitfalls that often frustrate developers, both junior and senior alike. To me, it seems that most of the problems arise from the approach rather than the direct implementation of the individual elements.
By Marcus Bernal, Developer

Love Should Not Be a Four-Letter Word for Software Development Companies

Sometimes in high tech companies, the focus is mainly on the numbers (financial, hours, etc.), but that really misses the fact that human beings – no matter how logical they are – are motivated by the heart. Loving what you do, loving your clients, and loving your fellow employees drives real success.  
By Matthew McLuckie, Director of Development
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When There is a Skills Gap, Industry Needs to Fix It

A number of industries are going through a skills gap crisis - or are looking down the barrel of one.  In manufacturing, an aging workforce means that in the next 10 years retirement will free up 3.5 million jobs - and because of the skills gap, 2 million of them will likely go unfilled.
By Joaquin Lippincott, President & Founder

A Sense of Software Craftsmanship

When leaders view software development as an assembly line, they expose themselves to a lot of pain: overages, missed timelines, and disappointed customers. These consequences are the painful ones that earn the attention of management. However, there is a graver consequence: your master craftspeople are ashamed of their work. This shame is viral - the next developer that maintains this code will also become defeated, and the shame will pass down, developer by developer, until the business can…
By Tony Rasmussen, Vice President of Engineering
ReactJS Architecture

A YAGNI ReactJS Architecture: Part 3

Review In Part 2 (, we discussed configuring Director to listen for route changes and run a route handler (conveniently all Director does (and why I love Director)). In this post, we will finally do some React writing. Not a lot. But some. This series is intended to be about React architecture, not necessarily React code creation (which maybe maybe we’ll do later).
By Alex Banks, Senior Developer
The Design System Process

Design as a System

Design needs to be able to adapt and change with the needs of the project. It can get messy and confusing, especially when you begin to introduce CSS. That is why teams have started to use design systems. They will help your team communicate and deliver a consistent design across all platforms. A design system is all the bits and pieces and components that make up your whole design. A design system is documented as a style guide. It is more important than some realize. A design system is good…
By Jason Swetzoff, UX Designer

URL Routing for a Decoupled App, with Angular 2 and Django

Lately, I have worked on a few projects where a single-page Angular app is contained within a site built on a server-side framework like Django. One of the challenges is to get their URLs to play nicely together. Say you have a project with an Angular 2 front end and an API back end using the Django Rest Framework. Further, imagine that your Angular 2 page is also served from within the Django app. Your URL structure might look like this:
By Keith Dechant, Software Architect