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Android P and Wi-Fi RTT

Recently, Google launched the first developer preview build of Android™ P.  With this, several new features were announced, including two that caught my attention.  Those being Neural Networks 1.1…
By James Simshaw, Senior Software Engineer
March 9, 2018

From Senior Engineer to Mature Engineer

When I was fresh out of college with a Computer Science degree, I had a culture-fueled fantasy of what it was to grow into a senior software engineer.  Like the mythical 10x programmers, I dreamed of…
By Jon Duell, Engineering Manager
February 23, 2018

The Marriage Retrospective

In popular culture and societal norms there is little space within romantic relationships to air your grievances about your partner. Or, if you do have a “safe” space to share things with your…
By Matt Thogerson, Product Manager
February 21, 2018

The Four Budget Domains of Enterprise IoT Projects

IoT is rapidly transforming manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and several other industries. The ability to predict asset failure, rapidly diagnosis bottlenecks, and invent new revenue streams are…
By Tony Rost, Chief Technology Officer
January 28, 2018

Mean Time Between Loss of Sleep

“MTBLS”: I first encountered this phrase on a New Relic blog. It's a half-joking reference to a concept used by reliability engineers, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). I was intrigued though, and…
By Dylan Tack, Principal Engineer
January 26, 2018

Docker Containers & Clustering/Orchestration

The Big Picture The aim of this blog post isn’t to get into the nitty gritty how to build and run a containerized app on your favorite cloud provider with a specific clustering technology. Rather,…
By Rich Staats, Senior Cloud Engineer
January 20, 2018

How to Integrate GitHub PRs with Bamboo CI

Bamboo / GitHub integration isn't perfect – perhaps because Atlassian wants to steer you towards Bitbucket (their GitHub competitor). Out of the box, there are several headaches. Below, I'll cover…
By Dylan Tack, Principal Engineer
January 18, 2018

Grokking Bamboo CI/CD, for beginners

We are heavy users of Bamboo for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI / CD). It's extremely flexible, integrates well with Jira, and elastic build agents make the most of AWS EC2 (…
By Dylan Tack, Principal Engineer
January 18, 2018

My daily use of the Five Levels of Leadership

Over a year ago, I read John Maxwell’s “The Five Levels of Leadership”.  Since then, I’ve grown increasingly reliant on it’s simple model.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, it goes like this:…
By Tony Rost, Chief Technology Officer
January 16, 2018

Want to get your product to market faster? Hire a Scrum Ma…

In the practice of Agile Project Management, it has long been assumed that a Scrum Master (also referred to at Metal Toad as Agile Project Manager) is an integral member of any successful Scrum team…
By Ori Applebaum, Lead Project Manager
January 15, 2018

Spatial analysis with PostgreSQL and OpenStreetMap

I've always been a map geek, dating back to the 1980s when I would take a road atlas and some tracing paper and draw in my own road network. And one of my favorite games is to take an old map or…
By Keith Dechant, Software Architect
January 8, 2018

Resolution: Talk to Users in 2018

It’s the end of the year and you’re thinking: “I did a pretty good job this year. I launched several new high-profile initiatives. Thousands more customers are using the application. I didn’t break…
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By Lilie Fine, Senior Product Manager
December 27, 2017

The Four Quadrants of IoT Revenue Streams

The next decade will bring a society-changing transformation to smart, connected things in our personal, professional, and public lives.  Everything about this change is big: the security risks are…
By Tony Rost, Chief Technology Officer
December 23, 2017

How wasted inventory shows up in software development

Inventory is the worst bank account you’ll ever own. Every item in your inventory is worth cash. At the Bank of Wasted Inventory, your cash has high storage costs; needs staff to track it; can’t be…
By Tony Rost, Chief Technology Officer
December 16, 2017

The 3 Paths for Digital Transformation

There's a lot of talk about digital transformation these days.  I think undoubtably this movement - transforming as many processes from analog to digital - is going to be the heart of value for…
By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
December 12, 2017

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