Metadata in the Cloud Artwork

Metadata in the Cloud

Executive Interview with Rob Tucker, Founder of META. With over 15 years innovating tech solutions in media and entertainment, Rob Tucker leverages his technical expertise and industry insights to help broadcasters and…
Joaquin Lippincott
December 16th, 2020
Digital Asset Management + Cloud Artwork

Digital Asset Management + Cloud

Executive Interview with Gary Ballabio, Head of Technology Partnerships at Cloudinary. Gary Ballabio has been innovating in the technology space for over two decades. His roles have run the gamut in product and business…
Joaquin Lippincott
December 16th, 2020
Happy Hackathon!

Metal Toad’s 2020 Hackathon: AWS Remote Work Innovations

It’s hackathon time again at Metal Toad! Twice a year, we set aside the day-to-day and dive into an exciting 48-hour innovation whirlwind of rapid development. It’s a chance to play on the leading edge of cloud technology,…
Corinna Gelster-Borgardt
December 16th, 2020
Performance Monitoring + Cloud Artwork

Performance Monitoring + Cloud

Executive Interview with Brenton Ough, CEO and Cofounder, Touchstream. Brenton Ough has been innovating in the technology field for over 20 years, with a focus on product development, business management, operations, and…
Joaquin Lippincott
December 14th, 2020
You're on Mute

How Fast Can You Pivot?

This year was the year of being nimble, and it’s not been easy. Being nimble is not the same as being fast. It’s certainly not about being powerful. In fact, of all the metaphorical traits a business must have, being light…
Jonathan Mills
December 13th, 2020
Video Monetization + Cloud Artwork

Video Monetization + Cloud

Executive Interview with George Meek, CEO at InPlayer. George Meek has been in the technology field for decades and has focused on media and entertainment for most of his career. He has extensive experience with digital…
Joaquin Lippincott
December 8th, 2020
Aws re:Invent 2020 for M&E

AWS re:Invent Quick Guide for Media & Entertainment

In a year of radical change, one of the biggest transformations has been the massive shift to online entertainment and engagement—powered by the cloud.
Corinna Gelster-Borgardt
December 7th, 2020
Monetization in the Cloud Artwork

Monetization in the Cloud

Executive Interview with Srinivasan KA, Co-founder, Amagi. Srinivasan KA has been a leader in the tech industry for over two decades. He began his career as a software engineer and founded a wireless audio company in the…
Joaquin Lippincott
December 3rd, 2020
Digital Watermarking and Security in the Cloud Artwork

Digital Watermarking & Security in the Cloud

Executive Interview with Ken Gerstein, VP of Sales at NAGRA. Ken Gerstein has been a sales and business development leader in the media and entertainment field for over 20 years. He thrives on establishing new brands and…
Joaquin Lippincott
November 30th, 2020
AWS re:Invent 2020 Guide

AWS reInvent: what to expect (2020-21)

As an award-winning AWS managed services provider, we are pumped about the 2020 AWS re:Invent
Corinna Gelster-Borgardt
November 30th, 2020
AWS re:Invent

re:Invent 2020: Not your average conference

I love going to conferences. I love the mix of travel and new ideas.
Dave Bellous
November 30th, 2020
Los Angeles City skyline with palm trees

Cloud technology in Los Angeles

Los Angeles' Scope Los Angeles is a massive metropolis.  While only #18 by population - with a mere 18.7 million people - Los Angeles is 3rd in the world in GDP with over a trillion of dollars produced annually.
Joaquin Lippincott
November 18th, 2020

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