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Devops cycle

5 Signs You Need Better DevOps

Imagine this scenario: you want to build a new house, so you hire two people: an architect to design the structure and all the plumbing and wiring and the like, and an interior designer to come up with the various features of the rooms, the lighting, the colors, the decor. Six months later, they each hand over their plans...but they haven’t actually spoken to each other the entire time. If you hand those two sets of plans over to a contractor, how likely do you think your house is to be built…
By Victoria Blake, Vice President of Product
March 14, 2019
Automotive Aftermarket smartscreen

Automotive Aftermarket and IoT

We all know cars are getting smarter, and car manufacturers are competing more and more not just based on reliability but increasingly based on technology.  At Metal Toad, we had some fun hacking into a minivan to see what kind of machine learning we could do with the data being output by a modern car. With the drop in prices for industrial grade Internet of Things (IoT) and other smart device
By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
March 13, 2019
Thumb Zone

Thumb Zone

I’m used to thinking of ergonomics in terms of chairs, desks, physical plant, tennis rackets, etc., but this week our expert UX designer, Cami, blew my mind when she shared a “natural thumb extension” image that she uses to help design for mobile. “What’s this?” I asked “The green zone is where the controls should be,” she replied. “Ohhhh,” I said. “Ahhhh….”
By Victoria Blake, Vice President of Product
March 8, 2019
CC. "Man on ship's gangplank," by James Crookall

The Agile PM Onboard

Hiring and starting a new job - two sides of the same coin, yet with similar risks and rewards. Can a new employee onboard a new job with a minimum of wasted time, effort, and stress? Can the new employee grow in knowledge, confidence, and reputation in the process?
By Brent Logan, Agile Project Manager
January 31, 2019
Hackathon Pitches

How to Run a Great Hackathon (and Why You Should Do It)

Working at Metal Toad is all about innovation. It’s why I was drawn to this place—a place that celebrates the unusual, gets excited about new ideas, and constantly seeks out the latest emerging tech.
By Dylan Tack, Principal Engineer
January 30, 2019
A close-up of a phone using the AR treasure hunt app, showing the text "You Won!"

Web-based AR: Hunting for Treasure with A-Frame

When Metal Toad announced the theme of the winter Hackathon would be Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), those of us who have focused our careers on building websites faced a conundrum: how can we learn the principles of AR/VR in just two days without getting sidetracked by the need to learn mobile app development—with its own languages and IDEs and troubleshooting gotchas—at the same time?
By Kalina Wilson, Software Engineer
January 19, 2019
Screenshot of the app

Hackathon Team Whack-A-Toad: An Exploration of Daydream Using the Android SDK

Going into the latest hackathon, I knew there were several options for building a virtual reality (VR) app for Android devices. Google currently has two platforms for VR available: Cardboard and Daydream, not to be confused with the screensaver mode on Android phones. Cardboard is Google’s original foray into the VR headset realm, released June 25, 2014. With it, you could put your phone into a cardboard headset to view 360 degree video and some VR content. Interactivity outside of head…
By James Simshaw, Senior Software Engineer
January 18, 2019
A large computer monitor showing code, above a laptop where hands are typing code

Team Knock-Knock Answers the “Who’s There?” Question With AR

Metal Toad’s winter 2018 hackathon was all about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR). At its most basic, AR is taking a camera and adding extra information to it, like PokemonGo or AR Stickers on the Pixel Camera. The idea
By Nathan Wilkerson, Cloud Operations Manager
January 15, 2019
Our Giving Toad sourronded with donations for our winter charity drive

The Giving Toad: Living Our Values During the Holidays

One of my favorite parts of working at Metal Toad is the spirit of generosity here. Everyone is always eager to help others—whether responding to a fellow Toad’s question in our Slack #help channel, offering clients an idea for optimizing their business, or volunteering in the community. I’ve spent most of my career in the nonprofit sector, so seeing all the Toads really live our core value of helping others makes me feel right at home.
By Lauren Shey, HR Generalist
January 15, 2019

Imposter Syndrome is Like Bad Janet

Imposter syndrome is kind of the worst. You know it when you ‘see’ it, or in this case, feel it. It’s that voice in your head that speaks in a very convincing, relentless way, telling you that you don’t know what you’re doing. It tricks you and leads you astray, convincing you that, despite reality, you are not nearly as capable at your job/life/whatever as you think you are. In fact, it can swiftly lead you to believe you’re actually horrible at it! Further still, it’s only a matter of time…
By Cat Janowitz, Jr Software Engineer
January 3, 2019

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