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The Cloud War: Battlefront IBC (2 of 4)

At IBC2019, the biggest international conference for the Media & Entertainment industry I am evaluating which cloud provider is showing up with the most substantial ecosystem to tackle the concerns of the industry.

By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
September 19, 2019

The Cloud War: Battlefront IBC (1 of 4)

At IBC2019, the biggest international conference for the Media & Entertainment industry, there were some major themes:

By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
September 19, 2019

My Programming Journey

At some point after I learned to read, but before middle school, I took an interest in computers and used my dad's IBM PC to learn BASIC, a programming language designed to be simple. It had a good name, right? I started trying things out on my own but soon teamed up with my best friend from across the street. We made simple computer programs in BASIC and then C++ and eventually in Java - the newest language at the time. Through that early experimentation, I learned the ins and outs of logical procedures, debugging code with cryptic errors, and how to communicate ideas about how a program should function and how it could look.
By J.D. Sandifer, JavaScript Engineer
September 18, 2019

Consumer Grade Expectations

Here at Metal Toad, we’re constantly engaged in developing solutions for complex, cloud-focused application needs. What’s intriguing about the space I hold (account management and partner development) is that clients are increasingly sophisticated in their expectations.

By Jonathan Mills, Director of Accounts
August 29, 2019

Metal Toad's CEO Talks Future of eCommerce at Seminar

On July 26th, Metal Toad’s CEO and Founder Joaquin Lippincott, spoke at Build-up, an event hosted by in partnership with the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and California Market Center.

By Corinna Gelster-Borgardt, Creative Director
August 8, 2019

An Overview of Redux Middleware for React Applications

While working with large React applications, having a solid Redux architecture can keep data flow clean and easy to debug. A common point of confusion in Redux is the middleware pattern. We'll discuss why Redux middleware is beneficial, where it fits in, and step through an implementation of it.

By Mike Guida,
August 2, 2019

The Cloud is More Secure Than Your Facility

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal ominously titled Capital One Breach Casts Shadow Over Cloud Security, veers dangerously close to blaming an internal company error at Capital One on one of the most secure companies in th

By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
August 2, 2019

The Value of Android, iOS, and React to the Cloud

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Metal Toad helps our clients identify their cloud solutions.  However, one question I frequently hear is, “If we are building cloud solutions, then why is there a need for engineers in Android, iOS, and React specialties?”.


By James Simshaw, Senior Software Engineer
July 31, 2019

How Cloud became the most important buzzword in business

Cloud is not the first (and probably not the last) disruptor to business via software.  Over the past 50 years or so there have been four major epochs of software, with Cloud being the latest. SaaS software is dying and the Cloud is coming for all of us.
By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
July 21, 2019

How to Choose the Right Cloud Provider

The promise of cloud technology has spawned tremendous innovation by some of the biggest, most powerful companies in the world. Choosing a cloud provider is a very important undertaking.

By Nathan Wilkerson, Cloud Operations Manager
June 14, 2019

Why the Cloud Movement Is the Future of All Business

Cloud computing is quickly becoming not just another tech innovation, but a fundamental shift in the way businesses function. Learn the top 6 advantages of moving to cloud and the ONLY 3 ways to accomplish innovation.
By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
June 11, 2019

Effects of Siloing

In my first blog on this topic, I covered the root causes of siloing. This time around, I am going to provide a few positive and negative effects that siloing can produce, starting with productivity.


By James Simshaw, Senior Software Engineer
April 12, 2019

5 Signs You Need Cloud Migration Consulting

At some point in the last decade, you’ve probably bought a new computer. And at first, it’s great: performance is zippy, but after a few years, things start slowing down. Even though you upgrade your OS things seem wonky.

By Victoria Blake, Vice President of Product
April 4, 2019

5 Signs You Need Better DevOps

Imagine this scenario: you want to build a new house, so you hire two people: an architect to design the structure and all the plumbing and wiring and the like, and an interior designer to come up with the various features of the rooms, the lighting, the colors, the decor.

By Victoria Blake, Vice President of Product
March 14, 2019

Automotive Aftermarket and IoT

We all know cars are getting smarter, and car manufacturers are competing more and more not just based on reliability but increasingly based on technology.  At Metal Toad,

By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
March 13, 2019

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