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Migrating Content into Drupal 8

Drupal 8 includes a powerful built-in migration system for importing content into your site. It is designed to handle data from Drupal 6 or 7, and much more. It is built around a plugin-based architecture, which allows importing of data from any external data source if you write your own source plugin.
By Keith Dechant, Software Architect
November 29, 2014
The Metal Toad Summer Picnic

A Retrospective: The Metal Toad Summer Picnic

On September 12th, 2014, Metal Toad overtook downtown Portland. Well, maybe not “took over,” but the sentiment was there. The Summer Toad Picnic offers an opportunity for Toads to bring their families into their work circle, furthering the important interweaving role of our social functions.
By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
November 25, 2014
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Money Can't Buy You Culture

Recently, I have been asked questions about Metal Toad’s culture.  People want me to explain what our culture is, how we got it and, for that matter, how we keep it? It is amazing to me that after explaining our culture how it resonates with so many, others do not feel they have a culture and/or that somehow, the one they have is broken and needs to be fixed.
By Tim Winner, COO
November 22, 2014

Defining Client Success

I’ve recently joined Metal Toad as Director of Client Success. My role here is to hone the vision for successful, long-term partnerships with our Clients. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to an already successful and talented team of Toads. So, what exactly is Client Success?
By Patrick Conlon, Director of Client Success
November 20, 2014
Portland Skyline

Why Portland will be the Next Tech Hub

The demand for software continues to rise. I've written before on the current workforce gap and how that gap will be filled through vocational programing schools, and I've written about how the progress of software and how it follows evolutionary paths. This article is a prediction on where the next epicenter of software innovation and talent will be - and that city is Portland. Here is why
By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
November 20, 2014

Drupal 8: First Impressions for the Back-End Developer

Drupal 8 is in beta now, and recently I’ve had a chance to start working with it. While much of the admin interface is comparable to Drupal 7, there have been some important changes for site builders and back-end developers. In this post, I will be looking at file system and database structure changes, Drush setup, and the new configuration entity type.
By Keith Dechant, Software Architect
November 17, 2014
The Toads Have Leapt!

The Toads Have Leapt!

After three wonderful years at our previous office, Metal Toad has outgrown our lilypad.
By Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager
November 14, 2014

How to thrive as a Junior Developer

I’ve been a junior developer at Metal Toad for about a year now. In that time, I’ve learned and grown more than I would have thought possible...and, yeah, that’s as exciting, and as uncomfortable, as it sounds. I’m thriving in the junior dev program and I wanted to share some things I wish I’d known back when I first started.
By Jenny Olsen, Developer
November 6, 2014

ToadCast 028

For ToadCast 28 we have special guest Chris Bloom! Chris teaches our Director of Development Dan Linn, about new Front-End technologies.
By Steve Winters, Cloud Services Manager
November 6, 2014

Seeing Long Term Technology Adoption as Evolution

Much like an evolutionary tree our goal in technology adoption is too continue to move forward and evolve, rather than getting caught in a dead end.  In the natural world, becoming bigger can be good but can lead to extinction events should the environment or food source change.  Right now we are in a technology Jurassic...
By Joaquin Lippincott, CEO
October 29, 2014