The Toadcast (2)


ToadCast 009 - That app is free

Let's keep this ball rolling! ToadCast 009, I was joined by Robert Haydon to discuss Apple Maps, entitlement, retro video games, and more!

Artificial Intelligence

ToadCast 008 - Just use a password manager

We are back! ToadCast 008, I was joined by Jonathan Jordan to discuss password security, programmer mentality and philosophy, and more!


ToadCast 007 - Like a Boss

Here it is! ToadCast #7, I was joined by the owner of Metal Toad Media, Joaquin Lippincott to discuss standards, browsers, Mars rover Curiosity,...


ToadCast 004 - Everyone Wins

For our fourth ToadCast I am joined again by Aaron Amstutz and Slavko Pesic. We talk about the recent Google IO Announcements, tools for building...

Artificial Intelligence

ToadCast 003 - Retina, Web Audio, and Surface

Joining me on our third podcast is Aaron Amstutz. We talk about Retina displays and how to deal with images, Microsoft's new tablet called Surface,...


ToadCast 002

Browsers, Boilerplate, SASS battle innuendo, and destruction! Joining me on our second podcast is Dan Linn where we talk about browsers, user...


ToadCast 001 - Hello World!

First Episode Here we go! The first ever Metal Toad Media podcast: Toadcast! This is a weekly podcast dealing with the web, technology, and anything...

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