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ToadCast 003 - Retina, Web Audio, and Surface

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Joining me on our third podcast is Aaron Amstutz. We talk about Retina displays and how to deal with images, Microsoft's new tablet called Surface, the Web Audio API and how cool it is and a lot more.

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Thanks for listening.

Update: Oops, first upload was not the full episode. The full version is now up on this page.

Topics discussed:

  • Retina Display
  • Responsive Images
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Esoteric Languages
  • Web Audio API

Show Notes:

Date posted: June 26, 2012


Aaron is brilliant.

Aw, thanks Mom.

Check out how you write Hello World in Semicolon language:

⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏;;⁏;⁏
⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏;⁏⁏;;
;;⁏⁏ ;;⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏;⁏⁏⁏⁏
⁏ ;;;;;;⁏;;;;;
⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏⁏;⁏⁏⁏
⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏;⁏⁏⁏⁏
;;⁏⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏
⁏;;⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏;⁏⁏;;
⁏ ;;;;;;⁏⁏;;⁏;;
⁏ ;;;;;;⁏;;;;⁏
⁏ ;;;;;;;⁏;⁏;
⁏ ;;  ;

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