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ToadCast 002

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Browsers, Boilerplate, SASS battle innuendo, and destruction!

Joining me on our second podcast is Dan Linn where we talk about browsers, user experience, the HTML5 boilerplate theme for drupal, moving the web forward, and being cool developers.

Thanks for listening.

Topics discussed:

  • HTML5 Battery API
  • CSS Variables and modern browsers
  • Moving the web forward
  • Icon Fonts
  • Responsive design
  • Drupal user experience
  • Debugging php
  • Drupal base themes
  • destruction!

Show Notes:

Date posted: June 19, 2012



I would pay to turn off the marquee animation (and notify the user) on if their battery life is too low.

Another IE first was the Z-Index as opposed to the Layers solution that was championed by Netscape. Remember that browser?

I'd just like to point out that I had already taken back my foosball champion title by the time of this recording. And it looks like I shall remain champion until such time as Joaquin brings back the table (or gets an upgrade). :-)

For quick PHP debugging (and any any other web-language), in a browser that has a console:

function lookat($obj){
   print '<script>console.log(' . json_encode($obj) . ');</script>';

webgrind and xhprof and it's brother XHGUI are pretty nice, too.

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