The Toadcast

Artificial Intelligence

How a Toad Writes a Blog Post

“Don't procrastinate. If you want to blog, then blog.”     - Fritz Chery

The Toadcast

Toadcast 033

For Toadcast 33, I talk with Metal Toad's Director of People about diversity in Tech, Portland, and Metal Toad

The Toadcast

Toadcast 032

For Toadcast 32, we have our good fiends from Ordnance Brewing! Listen as we discuss brewing, judge a Toad's own home brew, tech and music!


Toadcast 031

Sometimes a project launches late....

The Toadcast

Toadcast 030

Metal Toad is proud to announce two of our Junior Developers have graduated to the big leagues!


ToadCast 029

For ToadCast 29 I interview Dave Prior, Project Manager extraordinaire!


ToadCast 028

For ToadCast 28 we have special guest Chris Bloom!


ToadCast 027 - DPM Summit Day 1 Live Recap

Toad project managers in Austin! For Toadcast 27, we're coming to you directly from our hotel room during the interlude between day one and two of...

The Toadcast

ToadCast 026

Meet the people behind the tool.

The Toadcast

Toadcast 25 - The Philadelphia Orchestra

For the 25th episode of the ToadCast, it's our first time having a client on the show! Som Prasad from the Philadelphia Orchestra! Tom and Matt, join...


ToadCast 023 - Drupal Con Austin 2014

Photo Credit: Tyler Ward In Toadcast 23 we talk with Tom Martin and Dan about Drupalcon 2014, Texas Food, Heat, Sessions from Four Kitchens, Adam...

Artificial Intelligence

ToadCast 022 - Open Source and Cover Oregon

Toadcast 22 hosted an All-Star cast including: Dave Bellous, co-owner of Yellow Pencil, Jacob Redding, Open Source Manager at Accenture's Emerging...


ToadCast 021 - The Drinking Game!

For Toadcast 21 we interview the man, the legend, Jonathan Jordan. For our 21st we did what any good podcast would do, we celebrated with a drinking...


ToadCast 020 - Joaquin and Robinson

For Toadcast 20 our President Joaquin interviews our newest PM Robinson where they talk about tech, being the new guy, metal bands, and bird poop.


ToadCast 018! PM Summit

The ToadCast has been revived! I talked with Adam Edgerton to discuss the Digital PM Summit.


DrupalCon Pre-Show and announcements

Here we go! Portland's Drupalcon is here. Here is a quick update about some of the exciting things that Metal Toad is bringing to the event. Stop by...


ToadCast 016 - Home Brew edition

ToadCast 16! A very special episode all about home brewing. Joining me on this episode are three Metal Toad employees with a lot of brewing...


ToadCast 015 - ECommerce

Joining me for Toadcast 15 is Tom Martin to discuss ecommerce. That's right, a show all about a single topic!


ToadCast 010 - I Hope You Like Opinions

Here we go again! ToadCast 010, I was joined by Aaron Amstutz and Tony Rasmussen to discuss Apple, Google, and Microsoft hardware & dissonance with...

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