Nathan Wilkerson, VP of Engineering

Nathan Wilkerson, VP of Engineering at Metal Toad.

Stories by Nathan

The Cloud

Kubeless: Role your own FaaS

All major cloud offerings have a Function as a Service (FaaS) tool. AWS offers Lambda, Azure offers Functions, GCP offers Cloud Functions.

Artificial Intelligence

Setup a NAS on AWS

As part of Metal Toad’s Managed Services Team, I have worked extensively in custom cloud based solutions.

The Cloud

Chaos Engineering & AWS CloudShell

Our CTO, Tony Rost, sat down with engineering manager Nathan Wilkerson to talk about his key takeaways from this year’s re:Invent: Chaos Engineering...


AWS Chime: Lessons learned

A lot has changed during 2020. One is the number of people working remotely. That’s the Q4 hackathon theme was “Remote Work in 2020”.


Lambda: javascript vs python

For this hackathon we created a product, YouToad, using Amplify

The Cloud

Lessons from Disney+ Launch

We have been waiting, like many people, for the launch of Disney+. We were genuinely disappointed by the outages and management issues that were...

machine learning

Advantages of Google Cloud

Choosing a cloud provider can be a difficult process that has long-term impacts to productivity, cost, and features.


Devopsing a Legacy World

Devops has been picking up steam since around the year 2009. ( It could be argued it was around in other forms longer but for argument's sake let's...

Artificial Intelligence

NFS Performance on AWS

Last year, I wrote a blog about the performance of various NFS Solutions in AWS.

The Cloud

Cloud Architecture: AWS CloudFormation

In my previous blog series, Evolution of a Custom Cloud, I went over how our base design for a custom cloud has improved and how we setup our current...


AWS NAS Test Part 2

Shortly after I wrote AWS NAS Test I was contacted by Zadara Storage. They had some concerns about the data I reported from my test.

Professional Skills from Raising a Newborn

This last month my wife and I had a new baby. Since this was my second child, I spent less time panicking and more time preparing for the bundle of...

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