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AWS Partner Requirements Expand Metal Toad's Knowledge

Early last year, AWS drastically increased the requirements for becoming ce

Early last year, AWS drastically increased the requirements for becoming certified as  a partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Highlights of the change included:

  • the number of new sales deals required
  • increasing the number of certifications and training by 33%, which also involved adding a new required certification tier, which grew total certifications to 11

These requirements were announced at a time when Metal Toad was going through strenuous change aligning ourselves to become an AWS Consulting partner specialized in Media and Entertainment industry. 

The large number of certifications presented a challenge for a company with only 25 people employed in December 2019. Yet today, I’m proud to say that with an internal initiative and push for recertification, we have not only met the requirements for AWS Advanced Partner but have a total of 15 certificates, meaning over 50% of Metal Toad holds a AWS Certification at one level or another. And that number increases to almost 90% when you look at other AWS Accreditations for Business and TCO. 

Not only do the new certifications show Metal Toad’s commitment to our AWS Partnership, they also encompass a more diverse set of leading-edge skills, which include AWS managed services, DevOps, Alexa, and Machine Learning(ML)

My hats off to everyone at Metal Toad for rising to the challenge and proving that we have what it takes, and a thank you to AWS for being the catalyst to get us to this next level.

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