AWS recognized Metal Toad as SaaS Competency Partner

Metal Toad is recognized as one of only two SaaS Competency partners in North America.

AWS recognizes Metal Toad as a North American SaaS Competency partners—alongside Accenture.

Metal Toad: trusted AWS SaaS Partner

In a blog post posted on the AWS website, Amazon has recognized a number of AWS partner accomplishments, most notably, Metal Toad's inclusion as a SaaS Competency Partners, alongside Accenture, in North America. 

What's a SaaS Competency Partner?

SaaS is a cloud native approach to building applications which are available to customers via a subscription model. The solution is multi-tenancy offering different ways to access the solution. The application offers new sources of revenue and new ways to engage customers. Being named as one of the AWS Specialization Partners with Saas Competency is a testament to Metal Toad's commitment to excellence and innovation. This recognition highlights Metal Toad's ability to deliver top-notch solutions to businesses looking to leverage AWS services for their SaaS applications.

MetalToad-Joaquin-057_rt_largewebWhen asked for comment, Metal Toad CEO, Joaquin Lippincott had this to say: "I'm incredible proud of the work we've done as a team. All our AWS designations are rigorous and meaningful and really do require a significant amount of team work to achieve."

"The AWS SaaS Competency is not only a recognition of our AWS expertise, but only recognizes the work we've done in building applications for companies like Siemens Wind Power, fleet management software for Daimler Trucks, and numerous applications for small & medium-sized businesses."

"I think Metal Toad is a very special company, and I think seeing Amazon recognizing us, alongside Accenture is a strong indication that they agree!"

So what's next for Metal Toad? "In 2024 we will be focusing our attention on helping small & medium-sized businesses unlock the power of AWS using data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our next AWS designation will be the AWS Quicksight Service Delivery, and I'm excited to announce the launch of a Machine Learning + Security product called Securitoad. It was used successfully to protect DC Comics during ComicCon, and this year it will be added to the protective measures we are taking to secure all of our customers, including the GRAMMYs."

Exploring AWS Services for SaaS Competency

Metal Toad's inclusion in the AWS Services List with SaaS Competency showcases our expertise in providing SaaS solutions using AWS services. SaaS (Software as a Service) applications require a robust and scalable infrastructure to handle the demands of multiple users. AWS offers a range of services, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon S3, which are specifically designed to support SaaS applications. By leveraging these services, Metal Toad can help businesses build and deploy highly efficient and reliable Saas solutions.

Embracing the Potential of AWS Services

The AWS Services List offers a vast array of services that can empower businesses to innovate and grow. Whether it's deploying applications, managing data, or enhancing security, AWS provides the tools and resources needed to achieve success. Metal Toad's recognition as an AWS Specialization Partner with Saas Competency further solidifies our  position as a trusted provider of AWS solutions. By embracing the potential of AWS services, businesses can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape and unlock new opportunities for growth.

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