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To help DC Entertainment integrate a more robust e-commerce element, allowing buyers to purchase multiple items from multiple vendors in multiple geographic locations.


Recurring complexities in working with multiple APIs from multiple sources elongated the discovery process, requiring flexibility and responsiveness from all involved.


Metal Toad enabled the e-commerce platform to deliver product in multiple formats from multiple vendors in multiple locales, while also providing accurate price and availability data.


DC Entertainment expanded the reach of their site, granted vendors direct customer sales, and allowed for easy management of their product and purchase paths.

DC Entertainment is home to the iconic brands DC Comics, Vertigo, and MAD Magazine. Along with chronicling the adventures of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and many more, DC houses the creative division charged with strategically integrating its content across Warner Bros. Entertainment and Time Warner.

DC Entertainment’s sites experience the joys and burdens of high visibility. Before contacting Sisu and Metal Toad, their current site failed to adequately handle customers’ purchase demands. Something had to be done to enable purchase of their multitude of products available in multiple formats through multiple channels.

Early on, it was realized that this project would be best performed with Agile (scrum methodology) and the discovery phase continued throughout all 5 sprints. With Sisu's beautiful designs now in place, Metal Toad repeatedly found new features of the APIs or complications in testing but, in true superhero fashion, uncovered a superhuman solution.

The solution began by generating an Admin Upload section for products to be easily added and edited. This helped ease the management burden associated with their vast product catalog. Next, on each product page, Metal Toad introduced a Purchase Bar showing the price and availability status and, if the buyer elects to purchase, a collapsable window reveals all available purchase formats: Print, Digital, or Find a Store. If the buyer chooses to buy the product from a local vendor, the Find a Store button (along with their zip code) directs them to Comicshoplocater.com, where multiple options for comic stores near the buyer are listed.  Alternatively, the buyer can choose an independent bookstore using the same process and be taken to Indiebound.org.

DC Entertainment had been looking for a solution to expand the reach of their site to the network of vendors.  Not only did Metal Toad’s solution positively impact this initial aim, but DC Entertainment’s product and purchase paths became far more manageable as well.

Design Partner:

Sisu, Inc.

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