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Metal Toad Recognized as an Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner

Metal Toad is now an Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner, showcasing expertise in data visualization and business intelligence solutions.

Metal Toad, a leading provider of AWS-powered solutions, is proud to announce that it is now a certified Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner. This recognition underscores Metal Toad's expertise in delivering powerful, scalable, and secure data visualization and business intelligence solutions using Amazon QuickSight.

“To be a data-driven company means empowering employees at every level to use data to make better business decisions. With generative AI any user can now use natural language to get insights from data, but the challenge always comes back to data security and governance,” said Joaquin Lippincott, CEO of Metal Toad. “With this certification, Metal Toad customers know they have a partner who knows how to implement powerful technologies like QuickSight in a way that meets best practices for innovation, collaboration, performance, and security.”

Amazon QuickSight helps businesses of all sizes gain deeper insights from their data with interactive dashboards and rich analytics. And now, with generative AI, QuickSight users can use Amazon Q to analyze data using natural language, so that even non-technical users can build, discover, and share meaningful insights in seconds without having to know SQL. 

To become an AWS-certified QuickSight Service Delivery Partner, Metal Toad has demonstrated expertise in the full end-to-end of QuickSight implementation, from connecting to data, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to setting up secure authentication and access, to building interactive dashboards, and on through to embedding analytics into applications with the QuickSight SDK and APIs.

Reach out to schedule a free data, analytics, and AI strategy session to see how we can help your business thrive. Additionally we can help you find and qualify for AWS subsidies in order to build a cost-free proof of concept for QuickSight and other AWS data and AI services. 

About the AWS Service Delivery Program

The AWS Service Delivery Program enables AWS customers to identify AWS Partners with experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services. These Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partners have passed a rigorous technical validation where AWS makes sure they are following best practices with QuickSight. They also provide case studies demonstrating successful customer service delivery.

About Metal Toad

Metal Toad’s journey as an AWS Consulting Partner diving deep on data, AI & Machine Learning spans 20+ years, marked by an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence for our clients.  Since our inception in 2003, we've grown into an Advanced Tier  AWS Services & Software Partner, with consulting, development, app support, and managed services offerings.

Though we now focus on small & medium-sized business, we have helped to develop award-winning consumer-facing applications for industry leaders like Sony, Daimler, DC Comics, & the GRAMMYs. With staff in both North America and Brazil, we support a diverse group of customers across multiple time zones.

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