What is Quality Assurance?

If you have ever had a bad experience with a product, such as a new cell phone application or a bad food delivery, would you use that product or order for that food again? It is very common for users to uninstall an application as soon as they encounter any difficulties within it. To avoid this problem, there are Quality Assurance professionals, they ensure that users' expectations are met, and it is not only in the final delivery of the product, they are part of the entire software development process.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is a process within software development, seeking to ensure that the product is delivered respecting the qualities intended by the customer. This prevents the user from receiving an item with problems and errors in its execution. For this, the professional of the area must carry out a series of tests focusing on the development process. This is essential so that in the end, the product does not reach users with a series of errors.qa_image/p>

Why Quality Assurance is so important?

1. A better client experience!

Throughout the software development process, it is common for some defects not to be noticed in its interface, not only functional defects but also defects related to business rules, having a QA in the team will ensure that the program is functional and that it does not compromise the experience. of the user, we can say that it is the professional who has the closest vision to the end user and the customer.

2. Reduces costs!

Better to find defects in the development phase than in production, isn't it? A QA can reduce the need for development rework at the end of delivery.

3. Anticipate problems!

By tracking bugs and problems during development, the tests allow the company to anticipate even bigger problems in an approval phase, for example. In addition, finding faults in later stages can be much more difficult, since it will be necessary to test each component of the program individually.

4. Quality software guarantee!

With a Quality Assurance professional, the development team will be better prepared to deal with the problems encountered, thus guaranteeing the delivery of quality software and, consequently, greater support from customers. Whether to deal with a confusing menu or to adjust a button that should work, the tests have the function of cleaning up everything that has been built. This strategy will ensure that the program is functional and does not compromise the user's experience.


Date posted: January 20, 2021

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