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Quality Assurance (QA) is at the heart of code quality; without good best practices in this area bugs in your live environment are a constant issue.  Metal Toad is passionate about code quality and sharing out what we have learned about the art and science of QA.

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    What is Quality Assurance?

    If you have ever had a bad experience with a product, such as a new cell phone application or a bad food delivery, would you use that product or order for that food again? It is very common for users to uninstall an application as soon as they encounter any difficulties within it.

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    When to Refactor: A Case for Quality

    Software, like all things in life, decays, mutates, and grows old.

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    Evaluating and Choosing A/B Testing Services

    One of the first documented A/B tests was run by Google nearly 18 years ago as a spearpoint test into the world of web performance optimization. The test ultimately glitched due to slow load times. (Nice to know that even Google isn’t infallible!)

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    How Static Code Analysis Taught Me About Change Management

    Recently, I helped spearhead our department’s adoption of centralized static code analysis. I worked with one of our mobile engineers to research various tools and create a decision matrix for comparing options.

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    DevOps QA: The Many Hats of a Quality Assurance Engineer

    Note: This is the second post in a series about the different roles I end up carrying out as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

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    The Many Hats of Quality Assurance Engineers: Tester

    Quality Assurance Engineer is a broad term that can cover a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. It can refer to a more specialized role, like Automation Engineer or Technical Support.

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    BackstopJS Part Deux: Javascript Config and Makefile

    I’ve written previously about my setup for BackstopJS (which I’m still excited to say is the creator-recommended tutorial for V2 o

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    Using Serverless Config to Deploy an AWS CloudWatch Dashboard

    My team’s most recent project has been really interesting - it’s a JavaScript project that includes using the Serverless Framework to deploy a variety of AWS Lambda Functions (e.g. uploading to S3 buckets and making requests to the API that we built)...

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    DevOpsDays PDX

    Last week, I attended my first DevOpsDays PDX!

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    Importance Of Software Testing

    Despite the fact that the role of software testing may seem insignificant and few of us ever even think about it, this is especially true for people who are new to software development. The testing process is...

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    Save You a Search - Protractor Tips

    I had trouble with two problems recently: Disabling some features that pop up when test automation is running on Chrome and writing a test that could pass Google reCAPTCHA using Protractor. Here are some tips to save you a search.

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    Importance of Software Testing

    Despite the fact that the role of software testing may seem insignificant and few of us ever even think about it, this is especially true for people who are new to software development; the testing process, which is an equally integral part of development; and planning.

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    I just attended Monitorama in Portland, and I wanted to talk about my experience!

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    At Metal Toad, where self-organizing and self-managing teams are encouraged (and even preferred), there is a lot of room and trust for individuals to make change. Because of this empowerment, I’ve had the privilege to try out and implement changes.

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    Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS

    Fun fact: The creator of BackstopJS has referenced this blog post as the recommended tutorial for BackstopJS v2!

  • Women of Color in Tech Chat (wocintechchat.com)

    Code Quality

    One of Metal Toad’s continuing goals for developers centers around mastery.

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    What I Learned Today: Drupal Behat Scenario Cleanup

    I've been doing a lot more Behat testing recently. As my tests have gotten more complex, I've discovered that it was only a matter of "luck" that my earlier tests were properly cleaning up after themselves.

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    What I Learned Today: Drupal Behat Breakpoints

    Today I learned that the Drupal Behat Extension provides an extremely useful step definition for debugging. Breakpoints!

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    Behat with Drupal Domain Access

    At Metal Toad we have been expanding our testing to include more behavior driven testing.

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    Mastering The Metal Toad Project Life Cycle

    We're in the middle of interviews for our open project manager position and we've been talking to a lot of great candidates, all with diverse project process backgrounds at various companies.

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    With Drupal+Ubercart, be wary of alternative payment gateways

    If you are using Ubercart to do ecommerce with Drupal, be sure to use one of the mainstream payment gatways: Authorize.net or Paypal.

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    SimpleTest 6.x gets e-mail capture!

    The latest 6.x-2.9 release of SimpleTest includes a backport of the e-mail capture feature from D7. This means you can finally unit test e-mail sending functionality! There is still one bug to be ironed out, but a patch is available.

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