AWS re:Invent 2020 Guide

AWS reInvent: what to expect (2020-21)

As an award-winning AWS managed services provider, we are pumped about the 2020 AWS re:Invent conference! This event is the place to be for leading-edge cloud learning and collaboration, with expert sessions, hands-on workshops, breakout sessions for networking—and, of course, the big announcements about new AWS tech.

With the flexibility of this year’s online format, every single member of our team can attend sessions—just one of the ways we build innovation into the bones of everything we do. Whether you’re an engineer, a business leader, or just getting started in the cloud, this is your chance to discover everything re:Invent has to offer. And did we mention that it’s free? Read on for details, register for the conference, and we’ll “see” you there!

What is AWS re:Invent?

AWS re:Invent is the biggest, most influential conference in the cloud space. It’s also a total blast, with product launches, games and competitions, learning sessions in over 50 content tracks (multiple language options), and unbeatable networking opportunities. 

Check out the How to re:Invent 2020 video for tips and tricks for getting the most out of your experience. 

AWS re:Invent began in 2012 as a relatively small event with around 6,000 attendees, dominated by startups and emerging technology partners. Fast forward eight years—the conference has grown to ten times the size (60,000+ attendees in 2019!), with an emphasis on all-in enterprise adoption of AWS.

AWS CEO Andy Jassy Speaking at re:Invent 2020
AWS CEO Andy Jassy Speaking at re:Invent 2020

When is AWS re:Invent?

The 2020 event runs for three weeks: Monday, November 30 through Friday, December 18. There are sessions throughout the three weeks; content is centered around Pacific time, but keynotes will be tailored for multiple time zones. And session recordings will be available to peruse on-demand at your leisure all through January. So the “when” of re:Invent this year is: whenever works for you!

How much is AWS re:Invent?

For the first time ever, it’s free! The only “cost” is your time—and it’s well worth it.

By making this event free, AWS opens the opportunity for cloud innovation to so many more people. To compare, last year’s cost for registration alone was $1799 per person—not to mention the cost of airfare, hotels, and food (and, of course, a little Vegas fun). The free 2020 event is an amazing opportunity for your entire team to build cloud knowledge and rub shoulders (virtually) with cloud leaders around the world.

Where is AWS re:Invent?

Wherever you are! Unlike previous conferences, which were held on the Las Vegas strip, the conference this year is 100% virtual. Sessions will be live-streamed and available at the end of each week, which means you can attend as many sessions as you want, right from your desk, couch, or the beach.

Is it worth it to attend AWS re:Invent?

Absolutely. This is the premier cloud event of the year, and offers unmatched opportunities to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, further your education, and get hands-on experience. You’ll also see presentations on how the world’s biggest brands are innovating in the cloud—not surprisingly, we’re especially excited about sessions from major M&E players like Disney and Fox.

The lineup includes re:Invent favorites (like DeepRacer), plus new and expanded offerings. Here are a few things you’ll definitely want to check out.


  • Keynotes from AWS on cutting edge-tech and industry trends
  • Leadership sessions on tons of hot topics
  • Breakout groups and Q&A sessions
  • Expert learning lounges
  • Builders’ Fair with presentations and Q&A
  • AWS product announcements (engineers, are you salivating yet?)

Training and certification 

Hands-on learning and fun

Performances and entertainment

  • Live DJ sets a performance by Brandi Carlile
  • AWS on Air 
  • AWS Trivia Bowl
  • Cable Detective game
  • Cooking demos
  • Movement break with Melissa Nkomo from Kunye
  • Improv workshop from Speechless

Who are the keynote speakers? 

We’re looking forward to five fantastic keynotes this year from some of the biggest names in cloud. 

Andy Jassy (CEO, Amazon Web Services)

Andy shares CEO insights and the latest news about AWS customers, products, and services.

  • Americas: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 8:00AM – 11:00AM (PST) (LIVE)
  • Asia-Pacific: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 8:00AM – 11:00AM (SGT)
  • Europe: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 8:00AM – 11:00AM (GMT)

AWS Partner Keynote (Doug Yeum, Sandy Carter, and Dave McCann)

re:Invent 2020 Liveblog: Partner Keynote
Doug Yeum, Sandy Carter, and Dave McCann

Doug Yeum (head of Global Partner Organization) Sandy Carter (VP, Global Public Sector Partners and Programs), and Dave McCann (VP, AWS Migration, Marketplace, and Control Services) talk about how AWS helps partners modernize their businesses to help their customers transform. 

  • Americas: Thursday, Dec. 3, 8:00AM – 9:45AM (PST) (LIVE)
  • Asia-Pacific: Friday, Dec. 4, 8:00AM – 9:45AM (SGT)
  • Europe: Friday, Dec. 4, 8:00AM – 9:45AM (GMT) 

Machine Learning Keynote (Swami Sivasubramanian)

Swami Sivasubramanian (VP, Amazon AI) kicks off a new keynote on Machine Learning, including the latest developments in AWS machine learning, demos of new technology, and insights from customers. 

  • Americas: Tuesday, Dec. 8, 8:00AM – 10:00AM (PST) (LIVE)
  • Asia-Pacific: Wednesday, Dec. 9, 8:00AM – 10:00AM (SGT)
  • Europe: Wednesday, Dec. 9, 8:00AM – 10:00AM (GMT) 
2020 Machine Learning Keynote speaker Swami Sivasubramanian
2020 Machine Learning Keynote speaker Swami Sivasubramanian

Infrastructure Keynote (Peter DeSantis)

Peter DeSantis (SVP of Global Infrastructure and Customer Support) speaks about how AWS has optimized its cloud infrastructure to run demanding workloads and give you a competitive edge. 

  • Americas: Thursday, Dec. 10, 8:00AM – 9:30AM (PST) (LIVE)
  • Asia-Pacific: Friday, Dec. 11, 8:00AM – 9:30AM (SGT)
  • Europe: Friday, Dec. 11, 8:00AM – 9:30AM (GMT) 

Werner Vogels (Vice President and CTO of

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaking at re:Invent 2019
Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaking at re:Invent 2019

Dr. Werner Vogels talks about how Amazon is solving today’s hardest technology problems with me of the largest and most successful applications in the world. He also discusses building resilient architectures and the future of software development. 

  • Americas: Tuesday, Dec. 15, 8:00AM – 9:30AM (PST)
  • Asia-Pacific: Wednesday, Dec. 16, 8:00AM – 9:30AM (SGT)
  • Europe: Wednesday, Dec. 16, 8:00AM – 9:30AM (GMT) 

Who’s going to re:Invent? 

As you can see, there’s a ton of opportunities for learning, networking, inspiration, and fun—truly something for everyone in the cloud space. So as for who’s going: business leaders, tech gurus, cloud innovators....the entire Metal Toad team...and, we hope, you! 


Date posted: November 30, 2020

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