Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming; simple artificial intelligence is already here.  Sometimes tracked as Machine Learning learn more about how to put AI to work for you!  Working through the ethical implications of AI?  We are too.

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    How to use ChatGPT

    You may have already heard about this artificial intelligence writing readable text. This will have a profound effect on the need for knowledge workers who's craft is the written word, and —in the not too distant future— human's abilities to construct sentences unassisted.

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    What is Deep Learning?

    Deep learning is a category of artificial intelligence (AI) used to find patterns within various types of complex datasets which can include textual, audio, and visual data.

  • AWS re:Invent 2021 Guide

    AWS reInvent: what to expect 2021

    As an award-winning AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS managed services provider, we are pumped about the

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    Artificial Intelligence and the Cyberpunk dream

    I was always amazed at the way the media convinced me that Artificial Intelligences would think, behave and act like human beings. That made me look forward to our Cyberpunk future.

  • South Park illustrates Phases 1, 2, and 3

    But what is Phase 2??

    I've been spending more time talking to clients about data engineering.

  • Bill Martin Editorial

    Cloud + Live Events

    As CIO at sports and music entertainment giant AEG, Bill Martin drives the convergence of business and technology to deliver innovative success. Bill and I got together to talk about how businesses are actualizing the promise of the...

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    How to do machine learning in AWS

    After being immersed in hundreds of announcements and innovations and inspiring presentations at AWS re:Invent, the key insight I came away with was this: machine learning has so radically evolved that it will change the future of every industry smart enough take advantage of it.

  • Chales Editorial

    Cloud + Utilities

    Charles Eckstrom is the CIO of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. He’s been leading teams that successfully deliver large tech-driven portfolios for nearly two decades.

  • Inside of Machine

    Predictive Maintenance with Machine Learning and IoT

    Maintenance of machinery is vital in all industries.  Not only does maintenance cost time and money, but improper maintenance could lead to inefficient performance or potentially be a safety hazard depending upon the purpose of the machinery.

  • Robot


    I'm currently facing a dilemma when it comes to robots.

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