Site Building at DrupalCon 2013 in Portland

I'm very excited to announce that papers are now being accepted for DrupalCon 2013 in Portland! I'm heading up the Site Building track this year and we have some very exciting things to talk about in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 this year.

Some of the main themes we'll be covering this year in Site Building will include using third-party modules to control the content layout of your site, modules that can add quick functionality with no configuration, and modules that can add very complex functionality without having to have the technical knowhow that would normally be required. If you like using Drupal but aren't looking to master PHP, this is the track for you.

There are some specific items we want to see covered this year. Talks that cover layout tools like Panopoly, Tiles, and Display Suite are encouraged. Modules that are quick to install and configure are definitely needed. I would love to see a talk on Beans or something similar. Got a hot talk on SOLR? We may want it.

The Site Building track traditionally has a ton of sessions submitted so it's going to be tricky to decide which ones make it, but I'm excited to see them all. Most of all, I'm excited to see everyone here in my hometown of Portland in May!

Don't miss Portland DrupalCon!

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While he attempts normality, his ambitions for his off-hour time are many: he still dreams of fronting a band, writing/drawing his comic book, and fighting crime in a costume. His wife and two kids are his superheroes.

Dan doesn't get to code nearly as much as he would like these days, but he's currently in the process of writing a video tutorial series on Grunt.js.