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What I Learned Today: Drupal Behat Breakpoints

Today I learned that the Drupal Behat Extension provides an extremely useful step definition for debugging. Breakpoints!

Then I break

It allows you to stop at a certain point in the test scenario so you can take a closer look at what is going on in the browser. When you are ready to move on, you just hit enter in your terminal window.

We were already saving snapshots of failed steps, but when this isn't enough; throw in a breakpoint!

 * Take screenshot when step fails.
 * Works only with Selenium2Driver.
 * @AfterStep
public function takeScreenshotAfterFailedStep($event)
    if (4 === $event->getResult()) {
        $driver = $this->getSession()->getDriver();
        if (!($driver instanceof Selenium2Driver)) {
            //throw new UnsupportedDriverActionException('Taking screenshots is not supported by %s, use Selenium2Driver instead.', $driver);
        $step = $event->getStep();
        $stepLine = $step->getLine();
        $fileName = '/tmp/stepAtLine' . $stepLine . '.png';
        $screenshot = $driver->getWebDriverSession()->screenshot();
        file_put_contents($fileName, base64_decode($screenshot));
        echo "Saved Screenshot To $fileName \n";
        $fileName = '/tmp/stepAtLine' . $stepLine .'.html';
        $source = $driver->getWebDriverSession()->source();
        file_put_contents($fileName, $source);
        echo "Saved Source To $fileName\n";
Date posted: October 31, 2013


That looks really cool, but I don't see how your examples connect. Could you give a more fleshed out example behat script that uses a breakpoint and takes a screenshot?

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