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An update on our Mobile Traffic

This is an update on a previous post: "Mobile Traffic is Up," that compared our mobile traffic from February 2011 to 2010. You can view the 2010 data on that post.

Predictably, our mobile traffic continues to grow. The most popular visitors are on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad (#1 and #2 respectively). This may account for some surprising changes from last year:

  1. Time on site for mobile users has increased almost 4 times! This may be due to devices such as the iPad replacing computers for regular web browsing.
  2. However, traffic growth is pretty consistent between traditional and mobile. Both have more than doubled.
  3. Pageviews has grown on mobile as well. Again, this may be due to mobile devices that are more comfortable to use for long periods of time, such as the iPad or large screen phones.

These "case studies" are interesting because in just a few years, mobile viewing is not only growing but it is reflecting traditional browsing in terms of how long the user is on the site and how much they are viewing. At this rate, it's not too far-fetched to think that within a few years mobile (or non-traditional) traffic will eclipse traditional.

Feb 2012 Statistics for

Mobile Traditional Total Mobile %
Visitors 1,050 20,561 21,611 4.86%
Pageviews 1,680 34,748 36,428 4.61%
Avg. Pageviews 1.69 1.60 - -
Time on Site 1:16 1:55 - -

Feb 2011 Statistics for

Mobile Traditional Total Mobile %
Visitors 408 10,022 10,430 3.91%
Pageviews 507 15,703 16,210 3.13%
Avg. Pageviews 1.24 1.55 - -
Time on Site 0:23 1:10 - -
Date posted: April 20, 2012

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