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Metal Toad's nomination for the U.S.

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Metal Toad's nomination for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's DREAM BIG award has been a rush of blood to our collective head. 

Ever since our partners at the Portland Business Alliance helped us throw our name in the ring, we've reached out to dozens of companies that help support our business units. We've asked our partners in finance, human resources, community engagement, marketing, design, development, and project management to "Cast your vote!" for Metal Toad as the top small business in America.

We have been blown away with the outpouring support and, with the March 4th voting deadline on the horizon, it couldn't have been better timed! Keep the votes coming!

Additionally, I've been syndicating the content through local media channels to engender support from those Portlanders that want to rally behind our local small businesses, burgeoning tech scene, or those organizations that are willing to confront the threat of domestic violence in our community.

If the Toads are victorious in Washington D.C., our $10,000 in prize money will be donated to our charitable partners at Home Free, a local nonprofit that provides long-term, post-crisis support designed to prevent victims of domestic violence from having to return to an abusive home. As all of their services are free to those that need them, they rely on charitable donations and a $10,000 contribution from the Toads would make a powerful impact.

For more information, below is a copy of our OregonLive post:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest organization that represents the interests of businesses large and small. Every year, the Chamber hosts America’s Small Business Summit to present small business objectives to Congress and, during this summit, they present their DREAM BIG award in partnership with Sam’s Club. The award celebrates 100 small businesses that excel in strategic planning, employee development, customer service, as well as community involvement and the grand prize finalist - as determined by public votes - will be the recipient of $10,000.

Metal Toad, a Portland-owned and operated small business, is among this year’s finalists and hopes to bring the award back to the state of Oregon. Joaquin Lippincott, Metal Toad’s President and Founder, has an agenda. Lippincott wants to ensure that Portland’s Silicon Forest continues to garner national attention and, in turn, facilitate awareness and drive job growth for all Portland technology companies. He believes that the award would be a win for all of Portland’s small businesses.

If Metal Toad is victorious, the plaque would be proudly mounted in the company lobby. The prize money, on the other hand, will be donated to fellow Portlanders.

Metal Toad’s charitable partner Home Free will be the beneficiary of DREAM BIG success. A $10,000 contribution will make a sizable dent helping a number of Portlanders affected by domestic violence.  Home Free, a Portland-based nonprofit, provides programs for long-term, post-crisis support designed to prevent victims of domestic violence from having to return to an abusive home. They are under the Volunteers of America Oregon umbrella and have been quietly serving the Oregon community for a number of years. Lippincott says, “The quiet impact that Home Free has on local domestic violence is immeasurable. As much as I will be proud of Portland and Metal Toad for bringing home this award, I’d be remiss to say that those protected by Home Free wouldn’t be the biggest winners.”

On behalf of Home Free, Portland small businesses, and Metal Toad, let’s bring this award home to Oregon.  Voting ends Friday, March 4th so the window is tight - cast your vote now!

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