Metal Toad Among Oregon's Best Workplaces

It is with great humility that I serve as Metal Toad spokesman in a very proud moment.

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It is with great humility that I serve as Metal Toad spokesman in a very proud moment.

Oregon Business magazine has acknowledged Metal Toad as one of the 2015 Top Companies to Work for in Oregon.

We are honored and humbled in light of this recognition. We know that the Portland business landscape is full of deserving companies that serve their employees and communities with great impact. We welcome the challenge of becoming a mainstay on this list as we continue to grow from a small web development agency to a full-fledged technological consultancy. As Toads, appreciation is in our DNA, and I hope to be writing my thanks to Oregon Business for many more years to come.

In all reality, this award belongs to the Toads — each and every one. The company culture, technological acumen, and satisfied customers stem directly from their work. From developers to project managers to the support staff, the Toads have built a company like no other. We are lucky to have found so many willing participants in this out-of-the-ordinary work environment.

Also, I feel the need to acknowledge our Founder and President Joaquin Lippincott. His vision and leadership for Metal Toad has led us to this award. His 10-year long journey through many obstacles — like a move from Southern California to Portland, economic recessions, and a transition from designer to programmer to recruiter to business developer — has established a resilient foundation for our business. His leadership remains strong in our constantly expanding business environment and, like all Toads, he has certainly done his part to earn this honor.

Thank you again to Oregon Business for the recognition; and to our Toads for deserving it!

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