Oregon Business Magazine 100 Best Companies to Work For

Metal Toad announced as one of the Best 100 Companies to Work for in Oregon!

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We are excited to share that Oregon Business Magazine recently acknowledged Metal Toad, based on our application and employee survey, as one of the 2017 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon.

I knew Metal Toad had that “something special” when I was courting the company to become their new Director of Employee Experience. My initial interview with Tim Winner was scheduled as a 30 minute chat but ended up being a 90 minute discussion on authentic leadership, the importance of professional growth opportunities, and the autonomy people need to succeed--or fail forward. I have never wanted a job more and was ecstatic when I found out that I was going to join the team--or become a Toad. Fast forward nine months, and I am still raving about my new gig to anyone who will listen.

What makes Metal Toad a great place to work? The company culture, technological craft, and the dedication to teamwork that enables a gold standard of client experience. Translation-- it’s the Toads. We hire great people and then work to construct pathways for them to succeed. We live by a different code. We do not operate by strict policy, make our decisions through authority, or operate from a place of fear. Toads set goals and then support each other to reach them. We are held accountable. We hold retrospectives. We learn from mistakes. Holy moly have I already made some mistakes. We have fun together.

Thank you to our Founder and CEO, Joaquin Lippincott for encouraging the company to aim high and allowing us all to be our best.

This award belongs to all of the Toads. For the long nights of work, for giving back to our community, for voicing feedback/concerns, for not settling for mediocre. We are far from perfect--but we are a pretty dang good, scrappy little company.

Thank you again to Oregon Business for the recognition!


Date posted: January 12, 2017

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