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Metal Toad Corporate Values

As Metal Toad grows, I've found that I have less time to be involved in the day-to-day delivery of code and customer interactions. This shift in responsibilities is normal and expected, but as it happens it's important to make sure that the company vision and values are properly communicated to all of the new people who come on board as well as the existing team members.

So over the past few weeks, I have been asking myself: what makes our company special? What does the amazing staff already at the company believe in and strive to deliver? What do we want to continue to be known for? The resulting corporate values statement is what I came up with:

Corporate Value Statement

The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture. By maintaining these core values, regardless of how large a company Metal Toad becomes, we can preserve what has always been special about our company. These core values are the soul of our company:

  • Respect
  • Curiosity
  • Help
  • Create great experiences
  • Provide Value


Respect goes beyond treating people politely. It means we value other people's experience, opinions and act by listening first. At Metal Toad we believe respect is not just fundamental to business, but to living in the world. We may not always agree, but we will always be respectful.


Curiosity is what drives Toads to seek out and share knowledge and to be brave. Our curiosity pushes us on a never-ending adventure seeking out the world's best and trying new things.


Everyone who comes in contact with us should leave with something, whether an employee, a peer, a customer - or just a stranger in need.


The best thing we can deliver is great experiences. This should always be a central goal of any project.

Provide Value.

We strive to deliver the best we can within the budget given. We don't over-engineer or spend money on things that are not valuable.

So why am I posting this on the internet? I believe corporate values shouldn't be a document that is simply checked off a list. It is something that needs to be lived and held up to the world so they can measure us against it. I welcome any feedback on it and will return to it on a regular basis to make sure we stay on course as the months, years and decades go by.

For prospective customers or workers who feel like these values represent what they believe in and/or would like to see - come talk to us. For companies that may be in a similar place - what do you believe in?

Date posted: October 20, 2011


I agree to and with the values listed here. I appreciate a company that takes values seriously and wants to open a dialogue about them.

I completely agree with the value statement. Very few companies take this seriously. I'm not an employee but hope those who are would agree with the value statement

Are these values of equal priority or listed in order of priority?

These values are in order of priority:

1. Respect provides a base for interacting with people.
2. Curiosity draws people into the world and spurs collaboration.
3. Help should be the orientation when people discover problems.
4. The focus should be great experiences.
5. Any solution must fit within the allotted budget (provide value)

Great to see the prioritized version! I love that you take this so seriously.

Hello, my name is Christina, and I just wanted to share my experience viewing your site.
--I was talking with a friend (and mentor ) of mine about how unhappy I am with my job (legal assistant at a family law firm) and how as a fine art grad, I miss being creative. One day later (aka 7am Saturday morning) she started sending me all these links and articles with helpful advice and companies with strong core values and missions. I just wanted to say that reading through your core values really inspired me to seek out those qualities in my future employment endeavors (wherever or whoever it may be) It was one seriously needed breath of fresh air to read about such strong new companies and to know there are good people managing them who really strive to make the world and environment we work in every day as productive and encouraging as possible. You are helping make the world a better place.
Keep listening to others! As Seneca says "timendi causa est neseire--ignorance is the cause of fear "

Law firms really need that ;)


Excellent and succinct essay and viewpoint. I'm curious to read some followup on this, given that you wrote this nearly 6 1/2 years ago.

The sprouting sunflower seed is a great meme and enhances this post with interesting non-linguistic metaphor.

I am so happy to read that curiosity is one of your core values. My childlike curiosity has always driven me to thrive at learning more and pushing myself in uncomfortable times to be better. Curiosity Inspires a shared vision of where to go while having the ability to articulate it.

While I am a certified Project Manager, I am and have to be a good communicator with people at all levels however I don’t sugar coat things. I keep cool under pressure and am a great problem solver. I’m the glue that holds the team together in common purpose toward the right objective and people like being around me. I am the person you want on your team!

Metal Toad's values are in sync with my own personal life mission! I enjoy helping others and NEVER say that it isn't my place to help! I AM here to help you succeed either in life in general or in business. I have a knack for creating lasting relationships based on respect and trust. I know that together we can go far!

I thank you for your time!

Jennifer Wanty

In a world that commodifies experience, humanity in business will stand out and become more and more valuable and special. It also ensures employee engagement and excitement. I'm a prospective employee and love your values!

This is so refreshing and more of this is needed in the workplace. AWESOME teams and culture are built around these values. Fantastic!

As a lifelong learner and facilitator, I can't help but read these core values and feel they ring true to what I have learned is of value in both my personal and professional life, in fact many of these core values have been instilled with me over the last 6 years by my current employer (Blizzard Entertainment) under different names.

I look forward to getting the opportunity to discuss my take on these core values and key objectives in person. ^_^

It's nice to see a company that puts their values first and makes them plain to see. In addition, I feel like many of these values are familiar to me, just called by different names, as they ring true to the values of the employers that I have known to enjoy working for.

Thank you for putting this in front of all of your perspective employees and the community at large - it's refreshing to know the integrity of the people you're speaking to before the first conversation.

A great list of value for any company to go by, I would also add acceptance myself. I believe being able to accept others, to understand who they are, and what drives them will be a great additional value. Acceptance enables you to mentor and lead better, to help better, and it seems to me that it's almost the underlying value under many if not all of these values.

I love a company that is value-driven and solution-oriented. Thank you!

I found your Value Statement and used it as a model when I was working on my own company. Now I'm having the opportunity to read it again as I transition my career into the tech industry. I appreciate the hard work and evaluation that goes into forming a Statement like this. Distilling and upholding one's values makes the difference between a company thriving or just surviving. Thanks for sharing this publicly!

Everything about this hits home. Whether these are listed in a specific order or not, I strive to be part of a company with values as such. I highly doubt any egos make it through the door, and I hear there's some big doors at that office ;)

Super awesome!

I was amazed when I read through this list. There is a sincerity about them that really comes through in the language and shows that these aren't just words, but they really are values. Curiosity is the one that stood out to me the most as I am someone who is always seeking knowledge and new understanding. To see an organization that puts this as one of its core values speaks highly to what they believe in.

With vision, planning and execution, holding to these values should enhance the value of all stakeholders.

Having a clearly defined vision for what is expected from not only employees but also prospective employees tells me a great deal about this organization.

I think this hits the nail on the head. Boom! And Bravo!

Respect, Curiosity, Help, Experience, Provide Value are all core values that every individual would be eager and willing to adhere to as Corporate Values.

Accept whole heartedly :-)

I couldn't agree more. Sound and succinct, these are values that can change the world for the better, when individuals and businesses internalize and demonstrate them. Thanks for having a thoughtful mission that speaks to the best parts of our shared humanity.

Publishing these core values and linking to them in job postings shows real commitment to walking your talk. I agree with these values.

The corporate values expressed here align with my personal values. I agree with them enthusiastically.

Given how much time we spend with co-workers, it's nice to see a company that outlines the expectations that we treat each other with respect and positivity. I try to live this way in all aspects of my life; not just at work.

What an amazing team environment!

Awesome values. They are structured to inspire innovation and thinking outside the box with a thoughtful connection to what inspires humanity. Well done!

I think a core value displayed here is transparency. Being able to have a road map of what the expectations are and having the chance to make sure you align with a company before applying is very valuable to me.

It is so common for companies to post their vision and mission and I find it so refreshing to find a company that is transparent about their values.

Respect is #1 on our list here at Chromis Fiberoptics, which also includes integrity, transparency and accountability.

This is amazing. Definitely agree.

The values of Metal Toad align with my personal set of values in my home and professional life. Welcome to the world of business Metal Toad!


This is a great way to look at the core values for a company. Not only can they benefit a company, but also society and your personal life as well by adhering to them. A great and consistent set of values!

This is indeed an excellent values statement, and I especially appreciate the Antoine de Saint-Exupery-esque simplicity of it.

I completely agree with your corporate values. I wish other companies would adopt these values as well.

It is so rare to find such authenticity and genuine heart in company's values

Creating an overall experience for employees and clients is a crucial to happy work place and way to live life.

I agree with this corporate values and am encouraged by the fact that these values have sustained Metal Toad and the Toads over the years. The sprouting and growing seedling reminds me of the saying "Bloom where you are planted!" Being on active duty in the military we often do not have a choice of where and for whom we work, but you still provide your best each day and help improve the unit in anyway possible.

The values held by Metal Toad are kindred to the way I have chosen to live my life and the conviction to remain true to these ideals comes from having learned what it felt like to abandon them in my past. Experience has shown me what kind of world we can make when we set a higher standard for ourselves and I am proud to stand in unison with Metal Toad in that regard.

Respect is the most important to just living....and living a humble, adaptable, helpful, curious, smart working, and fun life seems to be achieved when believing in these core values....these company values ......

RESPECT LIFE by respecting each other....

I'm looking at applying for a position at Metal Toad. On the job postings there's a instructions to read this piece which is how I ended up here. This statement makes me even more excited to apply here as these values are closely aligned with my own. Specifically - I appreciate the "help" value. This is a value not seen as often in other companies' mission/value statements and the explanation provided for the value is inspiring. A business committed at its core to helping everyone that they encounter is a business that I want to be a part of! Thanks for this piece, your thoughts, and caring about the good stuff!

Thanks for the insipirational and transparent corporate value statement.

We are all humans, and we all want to be treated nicely. These 5 pillars of values, while may seems basic, is actually governing our daily actions as to how we want others to treat us. I am looking forward to work with a company like Metal Toad who values their employees and customers equally, and treat them as how they want to be treated.

I am applying for the design internship, and I can fully stand behind Metal Toad's value statement.

I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. I feel many of these are keys to success when working in a team environment. Often times brainstorming, bouncing ideas, and utilizing others creative experience and background helps create a new and unique outcome. Sometimes a question or issue simply needs to be looked at from a different perspective to shed a new light on the solution.

I came across this due to a career readiness assignment. I'm at the very beginning of a Web Development program, and we are researching companies and learning to set our priorities for later job searching. Since I don't have a "Dream Company" or "Dream Job", I search for companies in the area I would like to live after completing. This is where I found you, my first researched company. Your value statement, and transparency with it, resonates with me. I feel as if you've set a standard that I hope my future career can live up to. Thank you.

I fully agree with Metal Toad's value statement, and it also coincides with the Scrum values used in IT development. I'm hoping to have the opportunity of joining a great organization as Metal Toad as a Certified Scrum Master.

Hello and thank you and yours for taking the time out of your day to read my comments. My appreciation for your kind and humble style of operational and professional performance is greater than appreciated! Recognizing that together we continuously learn how we will
work together to achieve what a society can achieve and how society will achieve this together! In my view, sustainably, innovative, and developmental factors such as strategic planning and development opportunities are essential in achieving resolutions for all. initiative for connecting with people on every platform is a vital component in creating a safe environment and ensuring that people can do what they're capable of doing, but not necessarily for the purpose of being involved, but that they can make a big impact for themselves and others. This will give us all a better quality of life with more of an opportunity for all generations to grow together and to get
the right results as a way of ensuring unsustainable services. Together, Iknow that this will take time, and that it is possible for us all to be able to understand and maintain integrity within ourselves and and Morales. respectively, I thank you very much because your position on.this is so strongly purported..In conclusion,
I believe that their is no stronger
reward than helping out another person, regardless of who they are
now, have been in the past, or are going to be later that day or in their future! It doesn't take more than a sincere smile, small talk, or simply holding the door open for another to make a difference! Please, try this! The next opportunity you get (like now ;-), recognize you have just crossed paths with a new opportunity. Take advantage of it, as opportunists aren't going to always be there!

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