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A love letter to Machine Learning

Machine learning changed my world, and it started with an Uber ride.

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Machine learning changed my world, and it started with an Uber ride.

I have air travel down to a science: laptop/tablet/smartphone in a separate bin from shoes and jacket, nothing in my pockets, 22 inch carry-on only for multi-night trips, Apple wallet containing boarding passes and Uber app on my phone.

When I land, I approach the signs for Ground Travel (fresh Uber/Lyft signs if I’m lucky) I stride confidently to the Uber area and wait for my white Prius to show, often no more than 5 minutes. My driver arrives, we check each other’s identity and get going. My Uber driver knows where I’m going, I follow along on the in-app map and tap on the button to send my husband my Uber trip details (a new must-have safety feature). I get to my hotel, thank the driver and we’re done.

Easy, friction-less and pain free. 

And, if you’re Uber driver happens to have a good play-list and good conversation this is a genuinely incredible customer experience. 

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (which includes AWS Machine Learning) means that companies can predict, manage, align and exceed your customer experience expectations with the volume and speed that no human can match. It means that on a trip to Disneyland your key, purchases and tickets can be managed by a MagicBand worn around your wrist, it means that ordering from Starbucks is customized just for you, it means you can chat with an ATT chatbot instantaneously and troubleshoot issues unique to you, and it means that when you hop into your BMW the cabin experience is tailored to your preferences.

How can we (the customers) not love machine learning?

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