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How Insperity made Metal Toad's Remote-First Work Policy possible

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Recently, Metal Toad announced its Remote-First Work Policy.  This idea of working remotely and sourcing staff from around the United States created some interesting challenges for Metal Toad which needed to be addressed prior to making its announcement.  

For most of its existence Metal Toad was a Portland, Oregon-based company.  As such, its workforce was mostly in Oregon subject to Oregon labor laws.  And its health, dental and vision benefits plans were for employees based in Oregon.  So, the decision to allow employees to work remotely from anywhere in the United States (or the world) created a unique problem for Metal Toad – how to support and engage, as well as navigate the various legal and other complexities of a dispersed workforce?  

Metal Toad is a small and nimble business.  Its core value proposition is providing high quality product design, software development, and cloud services to its clients. As such, it simply doesn’t make sense for Metal Toad to invest time and money in building out a staff of payroll, HR, legal, compliance and benefits experts to manage its new remote-first strategy.

In its infancy, Metal Toad engaged a wonderful Oregon-based PEO service which fit Metal Toad’s Portland-centric operating model.  Unfortunately, as a regional PEO service, this vendor was not able to support Metal Toad’s new national hiring and staffing aspirations.  Consequently, Metal Toad began a search for other options.

After exhausting analysis of providers, pricing and services, the decision was made to engage Insperity.  Metal Toad picked Insperity for several reasons, but most notably Insperity’s high quality customer service, lower medical, dental and vision benefits cost and its national footprint.  Without a company like Insperity as a partner, it would have made Metal Toad’s strategy to improve quality, retention, and productivity of the company and its employees through remote working impossible. Thank you Insperity!  We look forward to a long relationship.

Date posted: November 21, 2019

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