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An Engineering Firm with a Design Sensibility

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We live in a man-made (or woman-made) world. Everything not sprung by nature was created by a human and has been designed. Whether it was well designed or poorly designed makes a difference, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. As humans, we know — we feel — when something has been well designed. We interact differently with something that has been well designed. We’re intrigued — we want more. When something is not well designed, it has the opposite effect. We grow frustrated, we want less.

Today we live in a world where good design is quickly becoming the norm. Apps like Facebook and Uber, and the convenience they offer, have taught us the power of good design, whether we are aware of it or not. Our patience for bad design has grown thinner.

At Metal Toad, our foremost expertise is in engineering. High quality digital experiences that push technological boundaries are what feed our soul. The more difficult the challenge, the more eager we are to dive in and find the solution.

As a business, we holistically approach those solutions. There is a real human element to the work we create, and we respect that. We’re proud of engineering experiences that are not only pushing technological edges but that provide business value for our clients, and a helpful, intuitive, and delightful experience for their users.

Design comes in at every stage of our process, reinforcing that human element. To connect with our client partners and their users, we have to be able to communicate not only through code, but through design. 

We use design throughout our office to make our clients, Toads, and visitors feel welcome and intrigued. We use design to visualize to potential and current clients our process, our deliverables, and how we can help solve our clients' problems. We use design to help determine how our digital solutions function, and how those experiences will add value and create delight for users. Throughout the process, we use well-designed communication tools to keep stakeholders and team members all on the same page. 

As our CEO and Founder Joaquin Lippincott said: 

“At Metal Toad we believe design without great execution will always fall short of the concept, and execution without great design will never be truly great. Together, bound by respect for the other, design and development will always achieve great things.”

We are humbly proud to embody an engineering firm with a design sensibility at every touchpoint of what we do.

Date posted: April 21, 2017

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