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At Metal Toad we have a strong history of elevating awareness of the importance of design - an unusual position for technologists.  Based on the design roots of our founder an CEO, creating great experiences is one of our core values.

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    What does a day in the life of a Creative Director look like?

    I recently had the opportunity to meet with a first year graphic design student and talk about what a day in the life of a Creative Director looks like.

  • Books

    "It Matters”: Design, Leadership, and Living By a Different Code

    Recently as a leadership exercise, our COO Tim Winner asked the leadership team to “come up with the title of your book.” This book, he explained, would be about who we would become as leaders 20 years from now.

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    Celebrating Everyone Through the Power of Design

    At Metal Toad, inclusion is important to us. We have our monthly inclusion special interest group (SIG) that works hard to make sure our workplace is inclusionary and to give back to the community. But aside from that, our Toads create inclusionary spaces within our walls on their own accord.

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    An Engineering Firm with a Design Sensibility

    We live in a man-made (or woman-made) world. Everything not sprung by nature was created by a human and has been designed. Whether it was well designed or poorly designed makes a difference, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

  • We live by a different code

    Metal Toad’s Process to a Brand Refresh

    Why a Brand Refresh? In early November 2015, Metal Toad began the work of a brand refresh.

  • The Design System Process

    Design as a System

    Design needs to be able to adapt and change with the needs of the project. It can get messy and confusing, especially when you begin to introduce CSS. That is why teams have started to use design systems. They will help your team communicate and deliver a consistent design across all platforms.

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    Top 5 reasons why web designers should love Drupal

    If you are a web designer and you haven't worked with Drupal before, you should really give it a try. Here are the top 5 reasons why...

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