A Great Place to Work for Developers

Sure, Metal Toad offers developers the standard benefits: medical, vision, and dental insurance, unlimited paid time off, a company-matched retirement savings plan, profit sharing, Apple/Bose discounts, and a complimentary TriMet pass. But this is hardly what makes Metal Toad a truly exceptional workplace for developers.

So which benefits, in the minds of the Toads, make Metal Toad so special? That’s easy….

  1. Amazing Peers
  2. Support for Professional Development
  3. Excellent Support


Amazing Peers

Whether you enter Metal Toad as a junior developer or with decades of coding experience, you will find inspiration from an amazing peer group. Over half of the entire staff (and nearly all of the Management Team) come from an engineering background.

Within that group, there is a wealth of experience across a wide variety of topics including:

  • Languages: php + Python + C + Ruby + SmallTalk + more
  • Mobile: iPhone + Android + PhoneGap.
  • Systems: hardware + Linux + Apache
  • HTML5 frameworks + animation
  • JavaScript + React + node.js
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security

Each and every Toad’s hiring process centers around a single philosophy: Hiring for Alignment. Hard skills are necessary for every candidate, but what makes a Toad stand out is their intrinsic values as they align with ours. Metal Toad’s Values are uncompromising and Hiring for Alignment ensures that each and every Toad approaches the work environment with similar attitudes.

So even with regard to our most Senior Development Staff, you will struggle to find any divas at Metal Toad. Each and every Toad has proven themselves to be helpful, respectful, and genuinely curious in their interactions with their fellow developers.


Support for Professional Development

When was the last time you were paid to write a blog post or research a new technology?

At Metal Toad, the entire company derives value from thought leadership in our field - both in technology and ideas. Toads are encouraged to learn more and share their knowledge with others. Speaking engagements, conference attendance, technical blogging, and peer code review are all part of Toad Life and you will be set up for success with mentors, teammates, and a support staff that love to be helpful.


Excellent Support

Our Project Management Team is second to none. Clearly defined project scope and timeline, as well as protection for heads-down-coding time, come standard. Estimates are generated by developers, not salespeople over-promising and leaving developers in impossible situations. Project timelines at Metal Toad include time for human error, sick time, planning, and your personal and professional development.

So....are you a Toad?

Ready for transformation?