UNFI Launches a new Product Information Manager

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United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) launched an incredibly sophisticated Product Information Manager (PIM) for Blue Marble Brands in June. The PIM is built on Drupal 7 and Angular and allows users to manage information required to acquire, market, and sell products with a central set of data. Advanced permissions allow three main users various ownership over data manipulation. There are 14 tabs of data and over 110 unique fields. Metal Toad used Apache Solr for faster searching, implemented an auto save feature, used a custom Drupal RESTful system (before the RESTful module was released) and was one of our first implementations of a product using Angular and Drupal together.

Congratulations to UNFI and their internal team on the launch! This is another big win for the team pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a web CMS.

Date posted: June 30, 2016

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