Sprinting to Drupal 7 - Interviews with the Drupal.org sprint team

Upgrade time

It was sprint time last week here in Portland, where over 20 people came to upgrade Drupal.org up to Drupal 7. There were 5 different teams focusing on different aspects of the project: infrastructure, Git, Project module updates, general upgrade of Drupal.org specific modules, and making the Bluecheese theme responsive.

We were able to talk to Jacob Redding, Angela Byron, and our Lead Development Architect Dylan Tack about the scope of the project, why upgrading isn't as simple as it may sound, and upgrading the issue queue to become a better tool for everyone.

Get Involved

They made a lot of progress, but it isn't going to happen in a week. We love open source software here at Metal Toad, and try and give back as much as we can. You can give back by helping with the upgrade.

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I read somewhere that Drupal would use some framework for its core. Is this true, where can be found more about this?


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