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Metal Toad has the distinct pleasure of working with some truly great clients representing a diverse array of industries. But for the self-professed geeks that operate in our little slice of Portland, there's something a little extra special about a client whose mission is furthering the biological sciences: namely, Schrödinger. When they came to us looking for a partner to build their brand new site, we were equal parts honored and enthusiastic.

The new was build on Drupal 7’s robust CMS, and boy is it a workhorse. It has everything from third-party integrations to ecommerce to a software download platform and more, all wrapped up in a stunning and performant package. We couldn’t be happier with the site, and we’re thrilled to share that excitement with our fantastic Schrödinger partners. It's no exageration to say that Shi-Yi Liu and Jarred Yacob are dream clients: engaged, patient, fun, and incredibly gracious.

This project really transcended from a website build to a true labor of love. Launching the site on July 6, 2016 via a custom cloud hosting platform from our incredible Managed Cloud Team, deployment was a high watermark for Metal Toad.

Our glass is raised high in congratulations to Schrödinger on their new site!



Date posted: July 13, 2016


The new website looks very interesting, Congratulations to all the Stakeholders for successfully comping up with this idea.

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