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PhoneGap Day! Patrick Mueller on Weinre

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Works at IBM @pmuellr

Weinre has a lot of functionality from webkit web inspector, he worked on building web inspector.
Adobe Shadow version is handy and cool-
You can also install via npm, sudo npm -g install weinre

Hack to enable private Real Web Inspector API
Lots of things don't work, console, etc.
JavaScript source debugging works, + profiling
Patrick has PhoneGap plugin on github to include it

Real Remote Web inspector
RIM is the first company to enable it on the Playbook
On android not so good, iOS 6 kinda works.

Code completion in Wienre console is awesome, nice functionality.
Similar to Weinre, has a little more info in Network tab, the real good part is the Scripts tab. Timeline stuff is also much better than Weinre. Profiling works and is pretty rad. Might help with app functionality timing.

Contribute to weinre!
Report bugs (through Apache bug tracking technically, but he likes twitter messages, they're just as good).
Request a feature. He likes feature requests when he's bored.
Hack on stuff, docs need help.
He's interested in help with replacing XHR transport with
Windows Phone 7 support is needed.

Date posted: July 20, 2012

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