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PhoneGap Day! Andrew Lunny and Hardeep Shoker on Phonegap Build

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Andrew Lunny @alunny & Hardeep Shoker @hardeepshoker

Andrew was the person who named it Callback, he's the bad person.

PhoneGap Build is an Adobe product in public beta, and free for now.

Build builds apps in the cloud:
upload code
download apps

Six mobile platforms
an API
Debugging - hosted weinre server
git & Github - tight integration

Observations/Whining: (his words, not mine)

The internet is hard
things like iframes for ads, static resources, XHRs
whitelisting urls in Phonegap
target=_blank to open things in a browser would help things

cross-platform != multi-platform
these aren't the same
phonegap build tries to abstract the sdk away
app != index.html
W3C spec for widget packaging and xml config

mostly don't exist
what they (PhoneGap Build) want
the same js
consistent native api
declarative installation
what we have
github plugin repo
awesome comic

Consistent APIs
Child Browser
Its not sustainable to keep plugins up to day, let's fix this.

New Stuff
Push code to server, it pushes built app to your phone

Demo was super cool! Thanks Hardeep!

Date posted: July 20, 2012

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